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Lin Feng looked back at him and threw a big wink to him with great interest. The expression of Beichen Xiang in front of him immediately seemed to be choked by an egg. He straightened his neck and could not speak for a long time. He turned around and hurried on his horse to vent. The world was in a mess! How can you give birth to such a person who does not know the secular ethics! Lin Feng is not concerned about, see the people dare not say anything, moreover, most people are busy on the road, who can see? However, this mission is of great importance, and a little delay will lead to the loss of life. Want to know, the car late now those foxes are still waiting for them to go, the people in the court do not have a simple, do not think the opponent too stupid, Lin Feng has always told himself that this time to go is bound to lead to a war. But whoever fights depends on his own ability. Beichen Xiang ran several miles in front of him. Suddenly, he heard someone calling beside him. He stopped his horse and saw a man in Tsing Yi riding on his right side. He was slightly surprised. He sat down and rode thousands of miles a day. The art of riding a horse rarely lost. Who was this man? When were there such people in the army? The man was dressed in blue, tall and thin, tall and straight, showing the extraordinary nature of the whole person, but Beichen Xiang did not have the impression of this person in his memory. And you are "Qin Zheng, a subordinate of the Dark King, was ordered to protect Wang Ye's safety." The man said with a stiff half of his face, and anyone could see that he was not used to talking to others. The Dark King? Is that dark again? Who on earth is he, not only with a mysterious identity, but also with a mysterious entourage? Bei Chenxiang is not a person who does not know what is good and what is bad. Look at Qin Zheng's martial arts, it can be seen that the man is on the heart. Heart anger subsided some, in fact,outdoor whirlpool, Beichen Xiang also do not know what is uncomfortable, just feel that the whole person seems to be playing in the palm of the hand, feeling extremely uncomfortable. But people care about, also can not brush the meaning, after all, in the same boat, are all for Beichen days, how can this thing be done? With this in mind,outdoor spa manufacturers, the moment to ride back, at this time he is using the real skill, deliberately try Qin Zheng skill, Qin Zheng is still in his side, Beichen Xiang heart more and more admire, secret way this dark although not very good, subordinates are excellent. When he returned to the army at sunset, Lin Feng ordered people to camp and rest, but he turned his head and got into Beichenxiang's tent for the first time in so many days. Qin Zheng always followed Beichenxiang around. Since Beichenxiang paid attention to him, he took special care of him. When Lin Feng came in, he saw that they were drinking. He couldn't help laughing and said, "Well, they didn't call me when they were having fun. They deliberately excluded me, didn't they?" Qin Zheng got up hurriedly and said, "Lord, my subordinates never meant that.." Lin Feng raised his hand to stop his salute, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi swim spa, shook his head and said with a smile: "You stay with me for a long time. Am I such a stingy person?"? However, since there is wine, it must be drunk together, Xiang Wang Ye, I know you don't like me, but at this time we should not sigh those small things, we go all the way is unimpeded, tomorrow and the next two days is the most difficult place, if there is an ambush at this time, I am a little worried.. In the two days after the Ming Dynasty, the place where he passed was yuangang, which was mainly suitable for ambush, and Lin Feng could not help but guard against the late car or the sudden appearance of Fengyu to rob. Bei Chenxiang saw that he was full of smiles and had no arrogance at all. With the strength of the wine, he felt a lot closer. The unhappiness of a few days had all dissipated. He laughed. Is Ben Wang such an impolite person? But seriously.. Dark, you this person. Uh. How strange! The king has never seen such a strange man as you in his life. Lin Feng shook off her hair and pulled the red rope directly to the back of her head and said with a smile, "How else can I be called the first wonder in Beichen?" "Also." Bei Chenxiang pulled Lin Feng to sit down and insisted that she accompany him to have a big drink. On the way to the car, a large area was covered with wind and sand. It really had the bleak meaning beyond the Great Wall. Lin Feng was a person in the end. He also had an empty and cool feeling in his heart. He shook his head and smiled, picked up the wine jar and drank two mouthfuls. Text 45 drinking "Hot!"! It's really hot! It's a full head of haze and fire! Lin Feng is not easy to get drunk, often drinking liquor at this time she was really this wine hot frowned.
As soon as the wine enters the abdomen, the whole body has a thin layer of sweat, the strength is refreshing to the extreme! I couldn't help but take another sip, but I shook my head. Bei Chenxiang saw that he had suffered a lot, and his handsome face showed a smile of success: "The Dark King doesn't know anything. This wine is a special product of Che Chi. It's called Dongfeng Du. The wine is not mixed with water at all." Lin Feng opened her eyes wide and did not mix water at all? Darling, this Y wants to murder her, don't be so anxious! And she Lin Feng did not intend to die so ugly. Bei Chenxiang did not think of Lin Feng's thoughts at this time. He just smiled fondly and said, "This wine, although it is spicy, is refreshing and exciting.". On weekdays, I was stationed on the border of Xilan, which was also a bleak place. If I stayed on the battlefield for a long time, I would feel sad. At this time, several brothers gathered together to drink the Dongfeng Ferry, and I would never feel cold again. Then he looked at Lin Feng and said with a smile, "The Dark King has never been on the battlefield. Maybe he doesn't understand the taste. It's the king who talks too much. Come on, do it!" There was a clear sound between the wine jars. The liquor dispelled the cold and warmed the heart. It was very easy to make the mood high. Lin Feng seemed to be infected by him. He drank two mouthfuls in succession and shook the wine jars in his hands thoughtfully. A few days of observation, Beichen Xiang and Beichen Tian are different, not at all. In addition to the appearance of handsome and extraordinary have common characteristics, his way of doing things, means, temper, and Beichentian that is used to the deep calculation is simply a world of difference. A Beichen day, but said to occupy the king's spirit, a successful emperor should have him. Beichen Xiang is more like a famous general, Wang Ye just has a bit of shelf, he is very open, the man's forthright, wild pride is fully reflected in him, there is a little awkward, but that is also a temporary temperament problem. Beichen Xiang this person looks is true, with Beichen day that vague can not grasp the feeling is really not the same. Lord Xiang doesn't just think about how to fight,hot tub wholesale, does he? After that day, Chen Tian unified the world, how will you do? Do you still make a vase on this battlefield to look good? Lin Feng reminded that a successful prince could not only fight. monalisa.com
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