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Chunhua stretched herself and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Mammy, hurry back to the empress and wait on her. The maidservant can stay here." "Well, if you have something to do, you can call another maid of honor." "Don't worry." Chunhua has been to Yonghe Palace so many times and knows a lot of people. Qin Mammy went outside to explain again, and then went to the imperial garden. Chapter 296 can be really noisy! Kangxi looked at his black and strong daughter and sighed helplessly. Then he saw a fake palace maid dressed as a woman standing behind Jiu Gege. His nose was almost out of breath: "Xiao Jiu, what's that standing behind you?"? Think I'm stupid?! The false palace maid was Kong Xiuming. When he heard that Kangxi was angry, he quickly knelt down. Jiu Gege calmly wiped his mouth and walked up to Kangxi: "Huang Ama, this is the man I saved at the beginning. His name is Kong Xiuming. Now he is my sparring partner. Although his martial arts are not as good as mine, they are not bad. I intend to focus on training him." "As a bodyguard?" In short, Kangxi did not expect Xiao Jiu to make him a eunuch. Yes Jiu Gege didn't figure out what he wanted Kong Xiuming to do, but it sounded like the bodyguard was more reliable. Then why did you bring him into the palace? "See the world." Jiu Gege answered very simply. Kangxi snorted coldly, "OK, you can say whatever you like. After dinner, you can either send him away or send him to clean up. It's up to you!" "All right!" “……” Kangxi. Jiu Gege is getting more and more naughty now, knowing that Kangxi won't really be angry with her. Kong Xiuming some regret to come over, in case if really clean body, that oneself is not to become a little Confucius?! "Gege, shall we go?" Kong Xiuming was a little afraid. What's the panic? Even if it's cut, it can grow back. Nine Gege comforted. Kong Xiuming was dumbfounded and said in a low voice, "No, who did you hear that?" "Uh.." Oh, I won't let you be a little father-in-law. Don't worry! Jiu Gege didn't expect Kong Xiuming to be so timid. He planned to train his courage well when he had the chance. Kong Xiuming breathed a sigh of relief, this surprise is too scary! Two people's dialogue, a word did not fall into Su Wanchun's ears, she suddenly felt that nine Gege and Kong Xiuming looked quite a good match! The banquet soon ended, Su Wanchun and Yin Zhen went to Yonghe Palace to pick up their son, a family of three with sister-in-law happy out of the palace. Kong Xiuming followed behind Jiu Gege, and when he stepped out of the palace gate, his heart, which had been hanging all the time, fell to the bottom in an instant. When Lady Huang saw them coming home, she asked with a smile, "How are you? Is it hot today?" "My mother left zongzi specially for my master." Jiu Gege is a good disciple of filial piety. As long as he eats delicious food, he will definitely think of his master! Lady Huang nodded with relief, "Xiao Jiu is really filial. I am very happy to be a teacher." "Thank you, Master!" Jiu Gege's polite fist is quite chivalrous! Su Wanchun went back to the room with Hong Hui in her arms and put the child on the bed. She found that the child's eyes were a little sad: "Oh, didn't you sleep well at noon?" "Whoo." Hong Hui chirped a few times. Su Wanchun felt that something was wrong with Hong Hui, Drive in racking system , reached out and touched the child's forehead, saw that there was no fever, and did not think much about it. What's the matter? Yin Zhen approached the bedside and reached out to touch the child. Hong Hui is a little spiritless. "I didn't sleep well." "It may be." Husband and wife did not think much, accompanied Hong Hui to play for a while, saw the child yawned again, patted gently, then coaxed the child to sleep. At that moment, Mammy Ann came in and saluted the two of them. She stumbled and said, "Maidservant, maidservant has something to report." "What's the matter? Why are you a little abnormal like Honghui?" Su Wanchun asked in surprise. What's wrong with the elder brother? Mammy Ann asked anxiously. It's just that when I left the palace, I was a little tired. I didn't seem to sleep well, and now I'm asleep again. Su Wanchun said. As soon as Mammy Ann heard this, she was relieved. "I probably didn't sleep well. By the way, my master, the maidservant heard from the people outside that Lord Nala had straightened up the side of Fujin." "What?" Su Wanchun exploded on the spot! Master, don't be angry. It's normal.
” "It's only been a month, and my mother's body is not yet cold. How dare he straighten up Fujin?"? Oh, my God, he is so beautiful! Although Su Wanchun knew that Fei Yanggu would not defend for Nala Fujin, he could not support the new people so quickly, could he? Anyway, you have to spend half a year, right? "Master, what do you say?" Mammy Ann didn't feel right either. Go home to have a look and straighten up the side Fujin. Aren't my brothers going to call the side Fujin the forehead Niang? Su Wanchun would never agree, went to the front of the cabinet, changed a suit of clothes to go back to that pull home to have a look. Holding his forehead, Yin Zhen grabbed Su Wanchun and said, "Stop it. It's not necessarily true. Maybe there's something else." "What is the secret of righting the side room after my mother died for a month?" Su Wanchun said grumpily. All right, I'll go with you. Yin Zhen did not stop, he also wanted to know, Fei Yanggu what is wrong, play such a thing to be spurned. Go Su Wanchun walked out of the room in a murderous manner. Huang Niangzi and Jiu Gege were puzzled and asked, "What's the matter with you?" "Go back to your mother's home to look for trouble!" Su Wanchun walked out in a domineering manner. Yin Zhen then followed, and the two men got into the carriage. Jiu Gege grabbed Mammy Ann and asked, "What did you say to my fourth sister-in-law?" "Lord Nala wants to straighten the side room, but the master doesn't agree. Go back and deal with it." "The fourth sister-in-law did the right thing. I might as well go with her. What if there's a fight and the fourth sister-in-law is not an opponent?" Jiu Gege said worriedly. Huang Niangzi rolled her eyes and said, "Calm down. If you go, when Wan Chun roars, you will definitely go up directly. At that time, your fourth brother will not be able to pull you two." “……” Jiu Ge Ge. Master Huang, can you really fight? Mammy Ann asked worriedly. Who dares to hit the prince? "Yes!" Mammy Ann is relieved. Jiu Gege looked at his fist and said coldly, "As long as you meet those people who have thorns, it doesn't make sense, just hit them directly!" 。 omracking.com
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