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#1 Posted : Thursday, August 25, 2022 2:29:44 AM(UTC)

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In Xingzhou, Li yuanhao now felt the desolation of being besieged on all sides. After the defeat of General Ling, his prestige declined seriously. Not only the soldiers and subjects defected, but also the ministers who were very lucky for him on weekdays were trying to leave him. Those who have the means will get in touch with Song Jun directly, and those who have no way will take refuge in those powerful families who have betrayed him. If not, they will roll up their bedding and simply disappear. The court of Daxia Kingdom is becoming more and more deserted. When he went to court today, Li yuanhao found that there were less than thirty people standing below. Remembering the scene a year ago when the army was strong, the advisers were like rain, and the warriors were like forests, he suddenly felt a little sad. The third seat on the left of Zhang yuan's row was empty again. Li yuanhao asked, "Why didn't Yang Shousu come to court today?" The people below were speechless. After a moment, Ye Liyu came out and said, "Long live Yang Shousu left the city with his family last night, but he hasn't come back yet this morning." Li yuanhao's mouth trembled, this Yang Shousu was Li Deming's time to follow his family's important minister, now even he has left. He tried to straighten his body so that he could look more energetic. "Marshal, what about the rebels outside now?" Ye Li Yu Qi said, "Long live Hui. After Chen Shimei made the vow that the first to enter Xingzhou would be the king, these rebels have been attacking fiercely in recent days. Some of our fortresses have been lost one after another. Now." After a slight pause,Carbon in Pulp, Ye Li finally told the truth: "Now, except for the area around Xingzhou Prefecture, most of the rest have fallen into the hands of the rebels." There was silence in the lobby, so quiet that you could hear the sound of an embroidery needle falling on the ground. Li yuanhao glanced at the silent crowd and said, "Do you have a good plan?" Wu Hao stepped forward and said, "Hooray! Now the most aggressive rebels are the Weimen tribe, and they are also the fastest.". I think, if long live can defeat the guard curtain tribe,coltan ore processing, should be able to attack the arrogance of these rebels. Li yuanhao was deeply convinced of this. Although he was now facing a desperate situation, he still had the ability to fight a decisive battle with the Wei Mu tribe. After hearing this, he could not help nodding his head. Just as he was waiting for agreement, Zhang yuan stood out: "Long live, we can't fight any more. I think it's not too late to go to the Song Dynasty to negotiate now. If we fight to the death with the Wei Mu tribe, our forces will be damaged." At that time, I was afraid that I would not even have the last bit of capital to negotiate. Li yuanhao's hand was so fierce that he stood up. "Why do you want me to surrender, Lord Xiangguo?" When Sanchuankou won a great victory last year, Li yuanhao sent an emissary to the Song Dynasty to negotiate a truce. At that time, it was to negotiate a truce, but the Song Dynasty did not agree. Later, a sneak attack by Chen yuan made the whole Dangxiang precarious, and Li yuanhao sent an emissary to pray for peace to the Song Dynasty. The Song Dynasty did not agree. Today, manganese beneficiation plant ,magnetic separator machine, Li yuanhao has no capital to negotiate a truce and pray for peace. The only thing he can do is to "beg for surrender.". The emperors of the Song Dynasty were very tolerant, and even allowed the enemy emperors who surrendered to him to continue to live, such as Li Yu in the south. But Li yuanhao absolutely can not accept Li Yu's way of life, he would rather die for the last line of hope that does not seem to exist at all. Zhang yuan still said loyally, "Long live Gou Jian, who endured humiliation in the past, was able to have hegemony.". Only when Liu Bang submits himself can he win the world. Now long live the surrender. The emperor of the Song Dynasty will certainly detain you in Bianjing, but it is better than the original overlord Gou Jian being detained in a thatched cottage. I am willing to go with the king, let the wild general take care of xingzhou mansion, endure hardships to taste gall, not without a chance to turn over. Li yuanhao stared at Zhang yuan and finally looked at Wu Hao: "Lord Wu, what do you think?" Wu Hao said slowly, "I dare not compare myself to Fan Li. Chen Shimei, Fan Zhongyan and others are definitely not Wu Zixu.". Long live, others do not say, Chen Shimei is insidious and cunning, if long live to Bianjing, I am afraid there is no chance to endure hardships.
” Zhang yuan angrily rebuked: "What benefits did Wu Hao and Song Dynasty give?"? Do you think you have a way out? Why do you want to put Long Live to death? Wu Hao knelt down with a splash and said, "Long live, please kill me. What I said is sincere. I can't surrender now." Li yuanhao did not speak, but Ye Li Yuqi stepped forward and said, "Long live! The last general thinks what Lord Zhang said is very reasonable. Now even if we win the Wei Mu Shi, it will be of no benefit to the overall situation." Li yuanhao looked at him: "Brother, even you are not willing to fight for me?" As soon as Ye Liyu heard this, his face changed. He knelt down and said, "Long live, I have misunderstood you. The last general is willing to work hard for you. If Long live, I will issue a decree. The last general will go to fight now.". But at the end will feel that what Lord Zhang said is reasonable, but also please think twice. Just as Li yuanhao was about to say something more, suddenly the Dangxiang generals behind Ye Li Yu Qi all knelt down fiercely: "Please think twice." Li yuanhao swallowed the words on his lips again, and the killing in his eyes flashed away. He suddenly found that the war to the present, these military commanders are already wild benefit begging people, and those who are loyal to their own people, most of them have died. A guard outside trotted to the door. "Hooray! A tip-off!" Li yuanhao just took this opportunity to put aside the controversial topic: "Bring it up." The guard sent up the tip-off. Li yuanhao opened it and took a look. There was no expression on his face. After reading it, he took it into his arms: "This spy is really a waste of what I already know. They just come to return it now." Many people want to know what it is, but Li yuanhao does not say, they can only guess. Li yuanhao raised a smile at the corners of his mouth: "Brother, I believe you.". Since you don't think you can fight anymore, let me think about it later. Wild Li Yu Qi immediately stood up and said, "Long live the wise." With a wave of his hand, Li yuanhao said, "All right, let's break up. Lord Xiangguo, after breaking up,chrome washing machine, you can inspect the city of Xingzhou for me. You're right. This is our last capital. We can't make any mistakes." Zhang yuan immediately said, "Don't worry, I will do my duty faithfully." A group of people walked down from the court with all kinds of moods. Wu Hao chased two steps to Zhang yuan's side: "Brother Zhang." Zhang yuan glared at him mercilessly: "Humph." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com
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