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And before leaving Xianyang, the first emperor had told him that he must obey Meng Tian's assignment and not interfere in military affairs without authorization. In other words, although Fusu was the eldest son of the first emperor, he was just an ordinary officer here. No matter what Meng Tian thinks. Fusu, however, remembered his identity. He said in a low voice, "That's very good. My father will be very happy to be able to end the battle of Henan before this autumn.". This battle is also thanks to the general's strategy, otherwise how can we win so quickly? I thought it would last for some time. Meng Tien sighed, "not I strategize, is the men with life.". To tell you the truth, if it weren't for what the old man did in Fuping, I would have to change my strategy. I'm afraid to now, we are still deadlocked with the Huns. It's a pity, the heroes of Fuping. Fusu had no interface because he didn't know how to comfort Meng Tian. He knew very well that although he had won, Meng Tian would not be happy. He was right that this victory was won at the cost of the lives of more than ten thousand people in Fuping. Among them, there are people who are appreciated by Meng Tian, and people who are closest to Meng Tian. Even when Fusu thinks of it now, he feels a little guilty. Meng Ji Meng Ke them. No news yet? Meng Tian shook his head, turned around and stared at the battlefield. Just then, a group of cavalry came from the direction of Zhaowang city. The knight on the horse is running. One side shouted: "Where is the general?"? Where is the general? Yiqu is six hundred Li urgent, Yiqu is six hundred Li urgent,gold cil machine, there are urgent military affairs, there are urgent military affairs. "Meng Tian was stunned and waved his hand to Qinjun to answer." The general is here, come and sign up! "I am Li Cheng, Sima of the old camp. I have urgent military affairs. I want to see the general." Old camp? Meng Tian's heart missed a beat. "Bring Li Cheng to see me at once," he shouted. Big childe. The old camp is still there, and the old man is not dead! I don't know what kind of feeling it is. Meng Tian is very excited at the moment. He quickly stepped down from the watchtower car, followed by Fusu. When they got off the watchtower, Li Cheng's horse was already in front of them. Li Cheng rolled down from his horse and took out a pair of white silk from his bosom,Portable gold trommel, panting. "Ping Hou has six hundred miles of urgent documents. Please go to the general to have a look." Perhaps it was in such a hurry that Li Cheng couldn't even lift his hand. Meng Tian hurried over to help Li Cheng, took the white silk from his hand, "Liu Junhou." Are they still alive? "Jun Hou is still here, but we found the unusual behavior of the Huns in Qu Yan." Have QinBing come early, from the hands of Meng Tien took Li Cheng. Meng Tian unfolded the white silk, and Fu Su, holding a torch, came to his side. In the light of the fire, Meng Tian read the ten lines of the call to the ground. After a long time, he couldn't help sighing, "If it weren't for the old man, he would have missed the big event." Herald, immediately pass my orders, all the troops must rest, coltan ore processing ,mineral flotation, immediately set out, after the first man. Whoever is the first to catch up with the remnants of Touman will be promoted to the rank of jue, and those who can hold Touman's footsteps for one day will be promoted to the rank of jue for two. All military forces from now on, people do not unload armor, horses do not leave the saddle, give me pursuit, pursuit! Fu Su couldn't help looking at Meng Tian in surprise. "General, what happened?" Meng Tian took a deep breath and handed the white silk to Fusu. "The old man found in Junjiling that Touman's son was ready to evacuate Henan and take all the women and children to Hebei.". He wanted to keep the Huns alive in the hope of a comeback in the future. Laodan has led his troops to attack Qu Yan. Drag modu Chanyu's military forces, at the same time close the door to beat the dog, the first man block in Qu Yan east, trying to annihilate Hu Man. Flat Hou has cavalry, to the river crossing, ready to break the retreat of the Huns. However, the old man said that he could lay down Qu Yan, but at most he could hold Hu Manzi for a day. If the remnants of Touman arrived, he would not be able to withstand it for a day. Old camp now only more than one thousand people, modu Chanyu and head man two attacks, he must surely be wiped out. Young man, it seems that we can't rest. I shall lead the cavalry in pursuit through the night.
You led Zhongjun to follow up. No rest is allowed along the way. You can deal with those who hinder the action of my army at your discretion. You don't need to report it to me. Li Cheng, go down and have a rest. Meng Tian explained, Fu Su also read the contents of the white silk. Can't help laughing, "on the general, it seems that this old is a headache.". Your deployment is all changed because of him. But his news is really important. If once the barbarians have retreated to Hopei, it will be difficult for us to attack again. Indeed. After Hebei, there are thousands of miles of grassland. The Huns were nomadic people, and it was not so easy for them to attack the grasslands, while the Qin army had to face the trouble of going deep alone. Not to mention the land of Hebei there are moon people and other countries, the route for providing foodstuff trench alone, is a headache. Therefore, the Huns must be solved in Henan, can only be solved in Henan. Fu Su suddenly had a strong interest in the old man in Meng Tian's mouth. This old man is really a great person. Meng Meng Liang. The great man in Fusu's heart. I have a terrible headache at the moment. At the beginning of the decisive battle in Zhaowangcheng, Liu Da also launched a sneak attack on Qu Yan. Lv Shizhi led more than a hundred Qin soldiers, accompanied by Tu Tu, quietly lurking in the city of Qu Yan. After dark, Lv Shizhi received a signal from Liu Kan, unknowingly solved the guards at the gate of Qu Yan city, and then opened the gate, put Liu Da and others into the city. More than one thousand old Qin army, with the hatred of Fuping defeat. Into the city of Qu Yan. Stay in Qu Yan the Huns, never thought, there will be a Qin army so undetected slip into the city. On the one hand, it is a hasty response, but on the other hand, it is a perfect plan. The two sides just confronted each other. The Huns were immediately routed. In the darkness, they could not figure out how many Qin troops they were facing. GuanYing, Ren Ao, Fan Kuai,small gold wash plant, Liu Da four people each led a team, after entering the city, launched a very bloody massacre. ore-magnetic-mining.com
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