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Lin Yu nodded silently. He could imagine that she was a promising girl who studied in a world-famous biologist. As long as she persisted, she might become a female scientist like Madame Curie. Unfortunately, now, they are engaged in inexplicable things, some of which even violate the basic moral bottom line of human beings, which is unfair to Xu Qin! "They are all studying life forms related to human beings, and savages are no exception." "What a bunch of crazy people!" Lin Yu sighed. Xu Qin stayed for about half an hour before leaving. But apart from the first few words, the two men did not talk too much about God's punishment. Xu Qin is not want to say, Lin Yu is not want to ask, he does not want because of their own reasons, let Xu Qin into danger. In such an organization, the punishment for leaking secrets must be unimaginably cruel. Lin Yu was on duty until nightfall, during which he was not only responsible for vigilance, but also stewed a pot of broth. Other animals may not be able to take care of it, but for that bird, which is similar to a domestic chicken, it is easy to catch. Without much effort, a pot of bird soup fresh out of the pot, a little taste, the taste is very good. Pure natural, pollution-free, and absolutely wild,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, the taste will not be worse. The first to wake up is still Tang Yan, after all, she is not deeply poisoned, and Lin Yu detoxification in time, so the body injury is relatively small. Out of the tent door, casually lifted the long hair hanging in front of her eyes, her eyes quickly stayed on Lin Yu. Lin Yu stood leisurely, with the machete beside him. Found Tang Yan came over,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, his face quickly showed a smile, "how do you feel now?" "Thank you for saving me again." Tang Yan looked at Lin Yu with a complicated expression, then pursed the corners of her mouth and smiled. Ah! Once again, have I already saved you twice? Pretending to be surprised, Lin Yu suddenly lowered his voice and said with a smirk, "How can I repay the kindness of saving my life?"? Would you like to consider committing yourself to each other? "Ah!"! Why don't you go to hell? Tang Yan glared at Lin Yu bitterly and said in shame and anger. Haha, I miss Lin Yu. He studied literature at the age of three and wrote poems at the age of five. He is elegant and elegant. He is tall and handsome. He has great medical skills and is single-minded. I don't know how many beautiful women are rushing to throw themselves into their arms. I gave you a chance. Why don't you cherish it? "Lin Yu looked up at the sky forty-five degrees and said in a low voice." Just you? Tang Yan sniffed. Lin Yu stared at her and shook his head helplessly. Strange to say, every time I see Tang Yan's calm expression and indifferent eyes, Lin Yu especially wants to tease her. Ha-ha, no more jokes. Are you hungry? There is rice in the pot, go to eat first. As soon as Lin Yu said this, Tang Yan was very obedient, bit her lip and nodded, and walked in the direction of the tent. About ten minutes later, Tang Yan came back with the meal in her hand. Hand the broth in your hand to Lin Yu, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, "for you, eat quickly, and then go back to rest.". You don't have to be on guard at night. Taking the lunch box, Lin Yu asked as he ate, "I think it's better to do this.". Anyway, there are only a few hours in the evening. We are on duty together for the first half of the night, and let them be on duty together for the second half of the night. Don't worry, I'm very energetic now. Even if I have a tiger, I can do it with my bare hands. "Only you can blow." Tang Yan laughed, but did not object to Lin Yu's suggestion. Although the night in the forest is not quiet, it is full of poetry. The sky is full of stars, as if they were overhead. Lin Yu added a handful of dry wood to the fire, turned to look at Tang Yan, and found her chin on her knee, her eyes blurred at the fire, not knowing what she was thinking. Lin Yu? "What?" "Nothing." Lin Yu: "…" "Lin Yu?" Tang Yan gave a faint cry and found that Lin Yu did not respond at all. "Are you really good at it?" She asked. In those days, I punched the Nanshan Tiger and stepped on the Beihai Dragon. Stand in the morgue and shout: stand out if you are not convinced. No one dares to speak. Although he did not understand why Tang Yan asked such a strange question, Lin Yu still gave what he thought was the most accurate answer. Tang Yan chuckled and said angrily, "I'm asking you about business. It's not serious." "Oh, okay.". In fact, my skill is general, but so far, I have not met a person who is better than me.
"Lin Yu said to himself," That middle-aged man doesn't count. He's not a man at all. He's a God! Can man compare with God? "Brag again." Tang Yan obviously didn't believe it. I said Tang Da beauty, tell a lie, you think it's a joke, tell the truth, you don't believe it. Isn't that too hard to be? "Oh, are you really that good?" Tang Yan looked restrained and asked seriously. It should be. Anyway, I've never met a real opponent. Lin Yu is also a little curious about this question, but he certainly will not idle egg pain, everywhere to provoke the strong. It's not curiosity, it's death. Oh, can I take you as my teacher? I want to be strong! Tang Yan has a solemn face. Lin Yu looked at her with some surprise. After thinking for a moment, he raised the corners of his mouth and said with a smile, "It's not impossible to learn from a teacher.". But my skill comes from my family, and the rules are very strict. "Family tradition?"? Rules? Tang Yan's expression moved and her eyes were full of light. Yes. Pass on the male but not the female, pass on the inside but not the outside. Our relationship seems a little far away. Lin Yu suddenly laughed. Chapter 212 the appearance of savages. It's not that he doesn't want to teach Tang Yan, but he has nothing to teach at all. He doesn't know much martial arts himself. He fights with people more by strength and speed, and of course, magic, but he never uses it. As for the moves, he doesn't know much. Lin Yu said this just to make a joke and dispel Tang Yan's interest in learning martial arts from him. Unexpectedly, Tang Yan actually took it seriously. She looked at the fire confusedly and muttered to herself: "Pass on the male but not the female, pass on the inside but not the outside.". Isn't there no chance? Men and women, inside and outside, inside and outside, men and women.. Lin Yu really can not bear to see,Thyroid Powder Factory, although I do not know if there is such a situation, and Tang Yan thoughtful look is very moving, but he did not want to turn Tang Yan into a little fool. pioneer-biotech.com
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