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Su Ming looked at Ji Yunhai, he had a kind of feeling as if he had been divided into two parts, one with the cultivation of his immortal clan condensed in Ji Yunhai, the other was his true self, looking at Ji Yunhai who was controlled by himself. Su Ming smiled, opposite him, Ji Yunhai, who was controlled by yuan Ying, also laughed. In a flash, he immediately heard a buzzing sound from another stone room, but saw a large black beetle waking up one by one at the moment. Su Ming's eyes shrank, but he did not move. Even Ji Yunhai, who was controlled by yuan Ying, did not move. After letting those beetles come and cover the whole body, it seems that Ji Yunhai has changed into a person. If you don't look carefully, you can't see the flesh and blood of the body at all. It's actually made up of those black beetles. In that case, this is also a doppelganger of mine. Su Ming spirit for a while, he saw the projection of the emperor Fen Shen, at the moment he also has such a strange Fen Shen, let Su Ming on the magic of the immortal clan, have some more understanding. Su Ming was already sitting there cross-legged, and as soon as his mind moved, a smile appeared on his dark face, and he turned and strode out of the cave. Watching Fen Shen leave, Su Ming raised his right hand, and a fist-sized crystal appeared in his palm. It was the crystal of Feng Man. Staring at it, Su Ming looked strange. He tried every means to fuse it, but the first battle with Mrs. Ji that day made him have a touch of inspiration through the magical power of Mrs. Ji. But then he lost consciousness, until now returned to the cave house, only to calm down and think about the light at that time, whether it is feasible. Whether it is the power of the barbarian God, or the Hanshan bell, even if it is my immortal cultivation, it belongs to the external force for me, and can not be too dependent. Only their own barbarian cultivation is the fundamental to make themselves strong! "Su Ming stared at the crystal of several kinds of wind barbarians, flashing in his eyes." This method may really work! Su Ming gritted his teeth. At this moment, his Fen Shen,S Adenosyl Methionine, under the control of his yuan Ying, walked out of the cave house. At the moment of walking out of the cave house, the small snake lying on the head of the poisonous corpse immediately looked at Su Ming Fen Shen, showing doubts. Su Ming Fen Shen smiled, waved his right hand toward the ground, and immediately the body of the head of the Black Crane tribe flew toward him, and he rolled it up and flew straight into the air, turning it into a rainbow and heading straight into the distance. Near the forbidden place arranged by Hongluo in the Dongfu Mountains, Su Ming Fen Shen raised his right hand, pinched out a seal, a little toward the void, and immediately there were ripples in front of him. Su Ming's doppelganger stepped into the ripples and disappeared. When he reappeared, Su Ming's doppelganger stood in midair, and when he looked down, there was no mountain range below, but an empty space, and not far away there was a fiery red ape squatting there, staring at himself. Seeing the fire ape, Su Ming laughed and looked very happy. He raised his right hand and pointed to the fire ape. Immediately, Thyroid Powder Factory ,L Methylfolate Factory, in front of the ape, the nothingness appeared ripples, revealing the entrance of the Dongfu Mountains. The fire ape was stunned and immediately went in, and then the entrance disappeared. Su Ming Fen body mouth smile gradually dispersed, replaced by a cold, looking at the direction of the Black Crane Department, its body a shake, straight to the Black Crane Department! Two hours later, the surprise arrived! Ask for a recommendation, ask for a monthly ticket! !@# Volume III, Chapter 412, Black Crane (Supplement) Volume III, Chapter 412, Black Crane (Supplement) This doppelganger, seen from a distance, is a very strong man, with a full body of Zhang Xu, no hair, the whole body is dark, and there are bursts of evil spirit scattered (). The evil spirit emanated from the black beetles, and at the same time, in the evil spirit, there was a strong vitality and a strong dead spirit hidden in it. This fusion of life and death is perfect enough to shock people when they look at it.
This is not an ordinary puppet, it can even be said that there are many differences with the sorcery puppet, even because of the existence of Su Ming's yuan Ying, making this Fen Shen looks almost the same as ordinary people! As Su Ming's doppelganger moved forward, there was black fog rolling under his feet, and there was a faint buzzing sound echoing. If someone looked up at the earth, he would be shocked by this scene. The Black Crane tribe was not too far away from the Dongfu Mountain Range. With the speed of Su Ming's doppelganger, it was soon approaching. Looking into the sky, smoke was curling from the peaks of the Black Crane tribe. It was now noon, and it was obvious that most of the people of the tribe were making food by fire (). Some children were still playing, and the soldiers of the Black Crane Department around them were not all alert, but lazy. On the top of the mountain, the stone statue, like a crane, has a shadow on the earth in the sunshine, which will move slowly with the passage of time. The whole tribe was peaceful, but after the arrival of Su Ming, it turned into a sound of exclamations. The children ran back to their houses quickly, and the lazy soldiers of the tribe changed their looks and looked at the sky in horror. Su Ming Fen Shen, rolling towering black fog, appeared in the sky above the Black Crane Department, that a dark face, covered with evil spirit, making Su Ming's appearance, caused an uproar in the Black Crane Department. Looking coldly at the nervous sorcery warriors in the small tribe under him, Su Ming shook his body, flew down directly, and stepped on the top of the mountain, on the huge crane crown. Stepping here, Su Ming sent out a deep voice. Wu Gong of the Black Crane Department, come out! Almost at the same time as Su Ming's doppelganger said this, several old men rushed out of their houses in the tribe below, especially a thin old man with a bone stick in his hand and a livid face, staring at Su Ming, but his heart was quite frightened. He had never seen Ji Yunhai, and now he saw Su Ming's appearance, especially the vitality and death of his whole body, as well as the evil spirit,Heme Iron Polypeptide, which made the old man seem to be able to smell blood. Who is your excellency? I am Wu Gong of the Black Crane Department! The old man stepped forward, knocked on the earth with a stick in his hand, and opened his mouth in a deep voice. pioneer-biotech.com
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