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#1 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 12:37:39 AM(UTC)
Margaret M. Culbreth

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"Oh, it's not easy.." Ray once again admired the new man who was not a burly man. Sir, I know you. "Oh?" Ray looked at the VISG curiously and seemed content to stand at attention. Actually, I'm reading your book. Slightly slow speech, low voice, but enough to stimulate Major Ray. What How do you see what kind of.. "Ray paused for a moment." Why are you reading my book? " Indeed, Ray He was an accomplished soldier in many aspects of the military field, otherwise, he would not have been promoted to major of the secret police at the age of 22. But from the beginning of elementary school, composition is the ghost that haunts him, the enemy that he can't deal with with daggers, pistols, rifles and mortars. He once asked his writing teacher, "Will you die if you can't write?"? Will you live well if you write an article? Unable! Teacher, you are the best example. So he had to write twice as many articles as other students to the teacher. The reason why he, the public enemy of literati, wrote a book is that he is infatuated with the special secret police profession. If he wants to enter the secret police, he must pass a strict examination. In the case of passing the results of each project,Interactive digital signage, each participant must publish a book before he can finally pass. After a desperate protest, Ray? He yielded to his fate and wrote down the past between himself and his special police mentor. Barely passed the audit. At the same time, he never wanted to see what he had written. What I wrote.. Do you understand? ?" "May I comment on the work of the officer?" "Yes, of course." "The level of writing is too low." Ray didn't change any of his facial expressions because Rowe was absolutely right. Fall then continued to say: "But it's a very interesting book.." This sentence made Lei, who was calmly waiting for his subordinates to criticize, slightly frown,temperature scanning kiosks, and his originally calm eyes were stirred by some kind of emotion. I haven't finished reading this book yet, but I think.. Sir, you're a special person. 。" Ray raised his eyebrows: "I was robbed of my lines.." 2 The new VISG team members, who are ready to spend two weeks of idle life, have nothing to do but do light physical training every day, waiting for the official transfer order. At this time, the chief of special training received a female guest in the special office. The guest is Mrs. B, the headmaster of the "Orange Fox" Girls' School, known as the "Cradle of Famous Spies". Mrs. B is a refined woman in her fifties. Corresponding to the school she leads, Madame herself is a super spy who makes many men bow down. She took over the Orange Fox Girls' School 11 years ago. The timing of the visit to the camp commander was planned, or perhaps the spy agencies have been coveting VISG recruits for a long time. This delicious dish, which comes out of the pot every 11 years, will be eagerly awaited by all diners, temperature check kiosk ,touch screen digital signage, right? "Mr. Chief, I know you have a great responsibility to VISG, so I won't embarrass you." The charming headmaster's wife said calmly, "Just ask the little boys to go to Orange Fox for extra-curricular guidance. Don't be nervous." "A difficult woman." Mr. Specialty is secretly alert. The headmaster's wife, VISG is not an ordinary agent, ah, to their use, I.. "There is a vacuum of access to them now, isn't there?"? During these two weeks, they have no department or rank, and any officer can order them during this period. "I was caught in a dead corner." Special feature gentleman is helpless simply, "Good Madam, the female soldier of VISG has 7 people, use at will to you." The headmaster's wife smiled, a smile that made the 58-year-old chief of the special training camp's heart beat. Mr. Chief, I want'little boys'. He knew very well that his predecessor's departure was due to the rumor that VISG recruits raped "Orange Fox" girls' school students at that time. Whether it was a rape incident or not, as long as there was such a rumor, he would make a big investigation.
Because the sperm and eggs of any VISG team member can not be drifted to places that can not be controlled, it must be carefully investigated. At the end of a costly investigation, any discerning person would understand that this was a trick used by the spy agency to get the VISG members, and that the soldiers were innocent. But women are really difficult animals. They are persistent in promoting their reputation, and they have a lot of photographic evidence. Normally, photographs can not be used as evidence, but they use magic to make the investigators recognize the paper. In order to take care of the facts and conscience, the investigators made the final ruling: because there was no legal evidence, the school's charges could not be recognized, but the director of the special training camp was forced to leave office, and the personnel authority of the VISG members involved in the case was assigned to the spy agency. I want to repeat the old trick! Thinking of these specialties, he decided to stick to the end, but he could not find a reason to refuse. After all, the spy girls' school was also taken care of by many parties, and his wife's request was not restricted by the terms. Seeing Mr. Chief meditating for a long time without opening his mouth, the headmaster's wife struck while the iron was hot: "Is the chief worried about what happened 11 years ago?"? At that time, I had just come to school, and I was not familiar with everything, so I had trouble. It's different now, and it won't cause any trouble to your little cuties, I promise. "Headmaster's wife, I have met your requirements to the maximum extent, agreed to give you all the women soldiers to use,face recognition identification kiosk, you should also consider my position!" "Mr. Chief.." The headmaster's wife exudes the charm of a mature woman in her thirties, which makes it impossible to associate her with her age in her fifties. As soon as the line "Mr. Chief" is spoken, the guard line of specialty is in danger. hsdtouch.com
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#2 Posted : Sunday, September 11, 2022 8:56:45 AM(UTC)

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