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#1 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 12:41:52 AM(UTC)
Margaret M. Culbreth

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Sure enough, a few days later, Cao Sangge invited the housekeeper of Prince Zhuang's mansion to the largest restaurant outside the front door, the Yueming Building. The three upper rooms are bright and clean, with a complete set of mahogany furniture and celebrity calligraphy and paintings hanging on the walls. There was a large round table on the other side of the room, and the snow-white tablecloth was filled with a table full of good food and drink. It was really a mixture of land and water, delicacies from mountains and seas, dishes abundant on the table, and wine boiling in the pan. With a smiling face, Cao Sangge put three cloth plates in front of the big manager. The big housekeeper didn't even look at them. He only took a little vegetable leaf, smelled it and put it in his mouth. Cao Sangge knew in his heart that the housekeeper was making such a gesture to explore the actual situation. It is better to come straight to the point than to make false promises to him first. Cao Sangge made up his mind, took a brocade box beside him, opened it with both hands, and presented it in front of the manager: "Manager, this is forty taels of gold. Please accept it!" "It's a small matter whether you accept it with a smile or not. I have to ask about it first. You must give it to me with a large sum of money, right?" "Oh, I want to ask you for a job for me." "Oh, it's not hard to get a job.". But do you have any expertise? Cao Sangge blushed: "Ashamed." "I'm not asking you about your expertise in governing the country. We men don't need that. I'm asking you about your expertise in eating, drinking, whoring and gambling." As soon as Cao Sangge heard this, he immediately became energetic. He exulted and said, "Alas!"! Manager, you are really today's Bole! When it comes to other things, I dare not brag. When it comes to eating, drinking, whoring and gambling,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, I dare to say that I am proficient in everything. When you say eating, I am a big dish in the north and south, a Man-Han banquet, and all kinds of snacks in the east, west, north and south. When you say drink, it's tea or wine. Tea is divided into five categories: black tea, green tea, scented tea, oolong and pressed tea. Among them,White Marble Mosaic, there are many kinds of green tea. Listen to me read to you.. All right, all right. I do. How can the third young master of the Cao family in the Ministry of Internal Affairs not be skilled in this way! We've got a deal on your job. Cao Sangge immediately left his seat to pay his respects and said, "Thank you for the kindness of the housekeeper, but it is this soldier who punishes the ritual officials.." Of the six, there is no one who eats, drinks, goes whoring and gambles. "Ha ha, ha ha." "It doesn't matter if there isn't one in the court. Can't we just set one up ourselves?" “…… Shall we stand by ourselves?.. Cao Sangge was a bit of a monk for a moment-he couldn't make head or tail of it. Tell you, our Lord Zhuang has a great prince, Master Hongpu Baylor. Have you heard of him? "Oh, yes, yes." "This man is great. He is the master of flowers and the great immortal of wine.". Whatever no one dares to do, there is nothing he dares not to do, whatever no one dares to provoke, there is nothing he dares not to provoke. He, Ama, couldn't control him, and the nine prefects were all angry when they saw him. I want you to be his master and never leave Lord Baylor's side every day. Teach Lord Baylor how to eat, Slate Wall Panel ,Marble Granite Price, drink, go whoring, gamble, and be different. If you take good care of this man, Mo (m mā) Sashun, and put you in Jiangning Weaving for eight or ten years, it's no more expensive for him than putting a fart. "Indeed!"! Indeed! Cao Sangge hurriedly poured wine and food for the general manager of the palace. Then he said, "Don't worry. With the slave's eyesight and cleverness, I'm sure you can serve Master Baylor comfortably.". "His young slave has come to the fore, and I must have filial piety!" "That's the last word, and it's no use saying it now.". Remember, in the first half of tomorrow, at the second quarter of the morning, you will come to the palace to find me, dressed neatly, clean and neat. From the inside to the outside, there is such a spirit. "嗻嗻 . Why do you need a quarter of an hour? Isn't it too late? "This is early, this group of young master Yangzi, all night long debauchery, can get up in the morning?"? Unless there was a fire in his room. "嗻嗻 . Please, please. Cao Sangge was busy pouring wine for the manager. Two days later, Cao Sangge actually took office, saying that he was a master, but it sounded good, but in fact he was a guard, a follower, a servant, and did everything. On this day, Hongpu was going out of the city, but he didn't say where he was going. Cao Sangge rode out of the Xizhi Men with him and walked slowly on the official road in the western suburbs.
Hong Pu asked Cao Sangge, "Hey, it is said that Jiangnan is good. You have been in Jiangnan for many years. What is the best way?" Chapter 6 Warm Sun Baking Plum Bitter (3) "Oops!"! Master Baylor, that's wonderful. It's a long story! The Jiangnan ditty on the Qinhuai River and the Tanci of Suzhou are really immortal music on earth. After listening to them, the girls will not only play and sing by themselves for three days, but also give you a wink and a wink. Not to mention that you have three souls and seven souls, even if you have nine souls and forty-eight souls, you will have to take them away. Say again that person, muscle such as fat jade, looks like peach blossom, if you look carefully, a top one is not picked! Ah! The skin of the meat is so tender that you can pinch it gently with two fingers. Hey! Maybe you can pinch out the water, somewhere else. Stop it, stop it. Besides, I have to slip off the horse. I have to go to Jiangnan even if I die. If you go there, you won't be wronged even if you die! Hongpu finished whipping the horse and galloped away. Cao Sangge could only whip the horse and follow him. The two men ran as fast as they could and stopped in front of a mansion. Hong Pu asked Cao Sangge, "Have you ever been here?" "If you come back to the prince, you haven't been here at all." "Well, that's good." The two men dismounted, while several servants ran out to take the horses. Another man, who looked like a housekeeper, came over to pay his respects to Hongpu. "Please pay your respects to Master Baylor. Everyone is here. I'll show you the way." "No need.". I'll go by myself. Said Hong Pu, pointing to Cao Sangge with his horsewhip. "Find him a place to rest for a while." Then he turned away. The butler-like man approached Cao Sangge, looked him up and down, then stretched his arms as if to pay his respects, but not as if to pay his respects, and said, "You come with me." Cao Sangge followed him into the door of the mansion. Turning left was a row of front rooms. There were three rooms and one partition. There were always twenty small rooms. They went into three of them. Except for one table and two chairs,Porcelain Marble Slabs, there was no other furniture in the room. Cao Sangge said respectfully, "I dare to ask this housekeeper, where is this place?" "Prince Li Mi's mansion." "And today is?" Cao Sangge wanted to find out. But they smiled at him and left without reply. forustone.com
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#2 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 10:38:57 AM(UTC)

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The skin of the meat is so tender that you can pinch it gently with two fingers. Hey! Maybe you can pinch out the water, somewhere else. Stop it, stop it. Besides, I have to slip off the horse. I have to go to Jiangnan even if I die. If you go there, you won't be wronged even if you die! Hongpu finished whipping the horse and galloped away.
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