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#1 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 12:54:22 AM(UTC)
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Three days? What do you want to do? Pei Luoxuan seems to only care about this. It's none of your business! Lin Qiqi shrunken his mouth and thought for a moment. Suddenly he shouted, "Can you lend me some money?"? That one Or give me something to pawn for some money, or how can I get out? "You want to go out?" Pei Luoxuan looked at her with a faint smile: "Do you want me to accompany you?" No, no, I don't need you, young master! Let's do this. Lin Qiqi calculated: "You lend me twenty taels of silver first!"! At the worst, you can add a few more months to my working period here. Said, Lin Qiqi patted his chest and promised: "I'm sure I'll work hard. As long as you give me four days off every month, and give me a few more days off for the Chinese New Year, May Day, National Day and so on, even if you let me work overtime every night to hammer your back and pinch your legs, I promise!!!" "May Day?"? Eleven? What day is that? Pei Luoxuan twisted his eyebrows and looked at her new word in puzzlement. Fool, May Day is Labor Day, and National Day is National Day. Suddenly, Lin Qiqi froze. No,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, hey! May 1 and October 1 are the holidays of the 21st century, and only people in the 21st century understand the meaning of those days. Isn't that the end? She was going to tell him about the official holiday. Anyway How about giving me seven days off on the first day of May and the first day of October? Lin Qiqi laughed. After thinking about it, he suddenly turned pale and said, "Hey, don't refuse!"! You bullied me so much this morning, I just so simple small request,ultrasonic extraction cbd, if you do not agree, I can run to the government to sue you Pei Luoxuan violation! "The government dare not govern the people of Peijiapu." Pei Luoxuan lowered his eyebrows and smiled, but then he said, "I can give you the rest you said, but you are not familiar with people and places outside. Now you want to rest for three days. What do you want to do?" "You don't have to worry about that. Anyway, just give me twenty taels of silver quickly!" Said, Lin Qiqi quickly ran into the attic, a smiling face on the second floor, ran behind Pei Luoxuan: "Twenty two to me, thank you." Pei Luoxuan looked at her lightly: "Twenty taels?" He laughed silently and said, "What do you want to do with these twenty taels, my lady Qiqi?"? Tell me about it first. "Why should I tell you??" Lin Qiqi's eyes widened. Okay, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, don't tell me.. Then forget it, the rest time is gone, and the silver is gone! Pei Luoxuan raised his eyebrows, turned his head and sighed indifferently. Hey, hey, that's what I said! Lin Qiqi pouted and hurriedly reached out and shook Pei Luoxuan's arm: "My that." I think you are too good to me, so I want to give you some gifts! But I have no money, so I want to go to the street to buy you a small gift! "Twenty taels. What gifts do you want to buy?" Pei Luoxuan asked in a funny way. How much is twenty taels? Lin Qiqi frowned and said, "You are the richest man in the Ming Dynasty. Are you so stingy to lend me twenty taels?" "Girl." Pei Luoxuan looked at her in a funny way: "Do you know that ten taels can make a common people's family of three live without worrying about food and clothing for a year?" "Well.." Lin Qiqi was stupefied and stayed for a long time. Suddenly he pinched his waist and raised his head and shouted, "Nonsense! Do you think I don't know?" "Then you." "Don't ask so much. Why is a big man suddenly so fussy? Say quickly, will you lend me?" Lin Qiqi puffed out his mouth. Pei Luoxuan smiled faintly and turned to pick up a silver ticket of one hundred taels of silver from the table. As soon as Lin Qiqi saw it, he hurried over and wanted to grab it.
Chapter 026: Vacation (1) Chapter 027: Vacation (2) Chapter 027: Vacation (2) "Well, it's one hundred taels. Why do you take it like that?" Pei Luoxuan smiled deliberately, then turned around and looked at her with a tease: "Girl, I can give you this one hundred and two directly, and you don't need to pay the same time to be a servant girl, but I also have a request!" "What are the requirements?" Lin Qiqi frowned. "It's too much trouble!" Give me a kiss! With a sudden ruffian smile, Pei Luoxuan turned his head close to Lin Qiqi's face and said, "I'll give you one hundred taels of silver with a kiss, and you don't need to work to repay it!" "No!" Lin Qiqi turned to go. Pei Luoxuan pulled her: "Really don't kiss?"? Just kiss your face, this one hundred taels of silver is yours, otherwise you will have to work in Peijiapu for many more months! Lin Qiqi turned his head and stared at him mercilessly. "Hey, make it clear that I also have the concept of chastity, OK?"? Miss Ben also has self-respect, I tell you, I would rather go to the street to play with empty hands than kiss you! With these words, he turned to go. Just a kiss on the face, and did not let you die, this is my great forgiveness! Girl, one hundred taels of silver, do you know what the concept of one hundred taels is? Enough for you to eat and drink for three or four months! Do you know how much money the officials of the Ming Rui Dynasty paid each year? "Yipin officials pay only 350 taels of silver and 300 stones of rice every year, plus some miscellaneous items, which add up to less than 400 taels!" He knew that Lin Qiqi did not understand how much one or two pieces of silver represented, and it seemed that he needed to teach her well. Lin Qiqi's footsteps suddenly paused, squinting his eyes and calculating carefully. Pei Luoxuan said that ten taels of silver was enough for a family of three to live on for a whole year, and he also said about the salary of a senior official in the court. In this way, one hundred taels of silver is really a lot! Lin Qiqi slowly turned his head and stared at Pei Luoxuan: "Just kiss your face?" "That's right." Pei Luoxuan's smile is very evil. That Then close your eyes. Lin Qiqi pouted and walked up to him. OK Pei Luoxuan smiled and closed his eyes. Wait,ultrasonic handheld welder, you have to give me the silver ticket first! Or I won't kiss! "Give it after kissing." "That's no good. I'm a girl. If I kiss you, it means that you take advantage of me, and then you go back on your word and don't give me the silver ticket. What should I do?"? I don't care Give it to me first! 。 fycgsonic.com
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