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#1 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 12:59:34 AM(UTC)
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As he spoke, the five colors of brilliance rose sharply. First, he put Mei Ying and Zhu Xiao together to protect him. Hearing this, Yang Wenxiu laughed and said, "As soon as my golden flower of divine fire comes out, even Da Luo Jinxian can't resist it. Slow down and say that the two of them are at the end of their way. What's the use of your empty ghost?"? How can your five elements of True Qi and the treasure of the South Pole's magnetic light last. "Let me set an example by destroying all the stinking pomp and circumstance arranged by the old ghosts at the bottom of the pool." As he spoke, the red light turned into a fiery flame, and all the golden flowers swelled up together. Each flower was as big as a cup, and even the sunlight in the sky was obscured. Peng Kangfang shouted, "If the old devil dares to make trouble like this, he will not hesitate to poison thousands of people in order to succeed. Let me take you first. Let's see who is more powerful." Just as he was waiting to do something, he suddenly heard the sound of the holy name of the Buddha in midair. It was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. Then, the sound of Sanskrit from the four mountains rose loudly, and a very faint light of the Buddha emerged from the ground. It slowly rose upward. Someone laughed and said, "Master Datong, forgive these demons. How can they be a blow under their feet? Don't you have a lot to do with this move?" Then he shouted, "Since it is called silence, where is the divine fire and golden flower? If you dare to rely on my two Buddhist objects, you will deceive people here.". If you don't look back, you'll be doomed in a flash. Your enemy creditor is now sitting down to ask for this evil debt. Do you dare to come and mess up the Demon Conquering Dojo? With a shout, an auspicious cloud suddenly appeared on the Jade Dragon Pool, holding a withered monk and carrying a child who looked like an ape. He nodded and said with a smile, "This golden flower of true fire was originally a magical object of my Buddhism. I don't know what year and month it fell on the earth, but it was taken away by this fellow who used five obscene objects to congeal the evil spirit. Besides fighting against the plunder of heaven,water filling machine, it was also used to make good fortune.". In these hundreds of years, I do not know how many evil causes have been created. Fortunately, these two Dharma objects have a predestined relationship with you. You can try it out. I just passed on your powerful Vajra technique. If you can get it, you will be able to subdue the real devils in the future. Needless to say, these fake Xibei goods. When the child heard this, he opened his mouth, grinned, stretched out a small dark hand like a black claw, and made a downward move above the cloud. The flaming golden flower immediately contracted,Beverage packing machine, leaving only a piece of red light wrapped in countless Venus, flying to the child's side. As soon as Yang Wenxiu heard the name of the Buddha being sung, he was already taken aback, and when he heard the saying of the withered monk, he knew even more that it was not good. Relying on the true fire and golden flower, after hundreds of years of his magic practice, he had been in harmony with his heart, and hurriedly used the True Qi. Who would have thought that the child's little hands would make a series of moves, but it seemed that there were tens of millions of great forces to suck them away and never get them back. He could not help feeling more anxious. He hurriedly opened his big mouth, spurted out a piece of pink brilliance, and surrounded the real golden flower. At the beginning of the child's journey, he did quite well. Seeing that the red golden flower had shrunk to the size of a barbarian, and that it was only two or three feet away from him, he thought that he would definitely get it. He was so happy that he opened his mouth and giggled, but as soon as the pink light spurted out and went up, the red golden flower suddenly turned back and returned to more than ten feet. Startled, the boy took one look at the monk and said, CSD filling line ,water bottle packaging machine, "This thing is very funny, but the demon cub won't let it go." When the dry monk heard this, he immediately shouted, "It's up to him whether to let it go or not. It's up to you whether to accept it or not. It's your business. Ask me what I'm doing." As soon as the child was stunned, he seemed to have realized something. Then he used his little hands like bird's claws to make a vigorous move. Each of his five fingers glowed with golden light. Like five golden rainbows, he covered the red golden flower with a layer of pink brilliance outside. As soon as he closed his small eyes, he turned to his side, and the red golden flower rose sharply and turned into a group of flames. That layer of pink brilliance is burning and the smell of restlessness is overflowing. Seeing this, Yang Wenxiu said that his voice was not good. He also stretched out his left hand and planned to take it back, but he was wrapped in five golden rainbows from the child's hand and could not move. In an instant, it was like cooked oil on fire. With a bang, it all burned up. When he was burning with anxiety, he heard that the heart seal was under the protection of the heart light. He laughed and said, "Demon cub, you've been taken in. This filthy Vajra palm is the nemesis of your five evils. Why don't you know?"? In this way, not only will the true fire and golden flowers be returned to their original owners, but also the five evils that you have been practicing for many years will be over. Stealing a chicken doesn't cost a lot of rice. Why bother.
” Then he shouted, "Younger Martial Brother Ying'er, hurry up and collect the golden flower of true fire with all your strength.". This thing is too good, you have these two kinds of law things, in the future it will not be difficult to clean up these devils one by one! Suddenly seeing the child, he opened his strange eyes. With a click of his little hand, he shouted, "Since the Golden Flower of True Fire has a predestined relationship with me, if you don't come back with me, when will you wait?" As soon as the five golden lights suddenly rose, the flames of the true fire became more and more intense, and the golden flowers also rose sharply. The outer layer of pink brilliance was immediately burned out, and then contracted again, leaving only a small bead of red light, the size of a bullet, full of golden flowers, flying into the child's palm. Seeing this, the dry monk smiled at the people below and said, "My little disciple and I, today's fate is nothing more than that. I want to send a message to all the Taoist friends in the pool. It's because of fate. Forgive me for saying goodbye for a while." At the end of the speech, the golden light flashed and the child disappeared. That Yang Wenxiu loses the treasure continuously, especially does not give up that nine naive fire extinguishes the golden flower, is regretting the intersection, Jiang Hao suddenly touches the bald head to smile: "Yang Daoyou, do you see?"? This is the boundless Buddha Dharma. As soon as I was illuminated by the light of the Buddhist monk, my heart was already cool, and I was no longer angry. If you follow my advice, you might as well go back to Tianwaishenshan as soon as possible to close your door and practice. If you're afraid that all the Taoist friends here won't tolerate it, why don't you let me, the old man, act as a mediator and let you go back? When Yang Wenxiu heard this, he couldn't help being furious and said, "If I hadn't met you, an unlucky old ghost, on the way, how could I have lost the treasure?". How dare you take advantage of me and ridicule me? Do you think I can't fight such an old ghost except for the real fire and golden flower? Just as he was waiting to do something, he heard someone on the mountainside shouting,water bottling line, "Elder Jiang, this fellow's death is near. Although you have good words, how can he be willing to believe them?". The disciple is going to look for him to settle the old account of killing his teacher and uncle. 。 gzxilinear.com
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