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With a flame of hatred in his eyes, Bai Wenyuan said, "For one thing, she is much more indifferent to me. How can I hide this kind of thing between men and women? And I know better that she is with Anlong." The two men stared at each other. "No," said Kou Zhong suspiciously! Anlong is fatter than a pig, and Zhu Mei is so greedy and handsome. Hey! How can Zhu Mei see it? Bai Wenyuan said disdainfully, "No one can judge this poisonous woman by common sense. As long as it's fresh and exciting, it's OK. It's said that Anlong has another set of powerful kungfu in bed, which can make women infatuated. Only this pair of dog men and women know the situation." Xu Ziling asked, "Just now you advised us not to go to the Pegasus Ranch. What on earth is going on?" "It starts with Anlong," said Bai Wenyuan. "He has always had a close relationship with Cao Yinglong. He is our enemy, not our friend. But after Li Mi was defeated by you, the situation in the north changed dramatically. Li yuan left the pass at any time. Liu Wuzhou and Dou Jiande were also ready to move. On the other hand, Wang Shichong is very powerful. Once he receives Li Mi's land, he is likely to expand to the south. In such an emergency situation, Anlong takes the opportunity to represent Cao Yinglong to make peace with us and form an alliance. He is ready to take Sichuan first, then attack Pegasus Ranch, followed by Jingling and Xiangyang. Kou Zhong said in astonishment, "Isn't Anlong the sworn brother of Xie Hui of Duzunbao in Sichuan?" Bai Wenyuan snorted coldly, "Anlong broke up with Xie Hui years ago. It's like fire and water. I really don't understand what Anlong is up to. Such a strong backer is going to collapse." "Do you know, Brother Bai," said Xu Ziling,endless swim spa, "that Anlong is a master of the Magic Gate?" Bai Wenyuan opened his mouth wide and said in surprise, "Brother Xu isn't joking, is he?" Kou Zhong gave a simple explanation and asked, "How did you hook up with Xiao Milling?" Bai Wenyuan said, "It's about how Xiao Mian hooked up with us. Now the situation is clear. One day Zhu can's father and daughter refused to nod, and Xiao Mian could hardly cross the river and go north." "In that case," said Xu Ziling, "how could we cooperate later?" "The problem,whirlpool bathtub," said Bai Wenyuan, "is that Zhu can and Cao Yinglong knew what weight they had. They attacked Jingling several times, but were all defeated by Fu Gongyou. And lack of food, instead of being destroyed by Fu Gongyou, it is better to live in Sichuan for development, not only can get a large number of grain and grass supplied by Xiao Milling, but also can let Xiao Milling and Fu Gongyou, Du Fuwei kill each other, and Xiao Milling's cooperation conditions, first of all, to eliminate the two, Cao Yinglong and Zhu can father and daughter hate you deeply, so hit it off, Pegasus Ranch is just a bait. Kou Zhong said with a smile, "That guy Cao Yinglong finally realized that it was our good deed to spoil him that night." Bai Wenyuan said with a dignified expression, 4 person jacuzzi ,massage bathtub manufacturers, "Now all three sides have selected the elite to form a strong army of ten thousand men, with Xiao Mian's general Dong Jingzhen as the commander, gathered in a secluded place near the Pegasus Ranch, ready to attack your tired expeditionary force head-on.". Whether you go from Ren'ah route to Pegasus Ranch, there is no way you can avoid their eyes and ears. This army includes another team composed of more than fifty martial arts masters, which specializes in dealing with two. Kou Zhong said with a smile, "If we hadn't met Brother Bai, we would have been doomed. But now that we know both ourselves and the enemy, the situation is quite different.". First of all, does Brother Bai want to kill the poisonous woman? Bai Wenyuan looked wistful and nodded affirmatively. Kou Zhong vigorously patted him on the shoulder. The pain made him bite his teeth and crack his mouth. He said with a long smile, "Then we'll catch up with Anlong first and kill his mother, so that we can breathe a sigh of relief for Brother Bai." Xu Ziling frowned and said, "Isn't that scaremongering?" Kou Zhong said lightly, "This matter often needs to be discussed in the long run, but if we can capture Anlong and Zhu Mei, it won't be like striking a hasty blow to frighten the snake." www/xiaoshuotxt.co m [Volume 22] Chapter 7 Surprise Soldier's Secret Crossing Txt novel paradise Bai Wenyuan spread out a stack of maps drawn on cloth and silk on a simple wooden table temporarily set up beside Shuai's tent. Kou Zhong, Xu Ziling, and Xuan Yong looked down at the same time. "This is Dahong Mountain," said Xuanyong, pointing to a mountain range slanting across the map. "Even the mountain roads are clearly listed. This is the first time I've seen such a fine map." With sharp eyes, Kou Zhong read out a line of small characters in the corner of the map and said, "Bai Wenyuan respects the system." Ha, it turns out that Brother Bai is a master of drawing maps.
"Bai Wenyuan said modestly," It's just a family tradition. What is it? " Xu Ziling sighed and said, "Brother Bai's pen must be harder than the tip of an ordinary pen. Otherwise, how can he draw such delicate lines with a variety of colors? It's beautiful and pleasing to the eye." Kou Zhong patted the table and said, "The most powerful thing is that it won't decolorize. The paint must be specially made." When Bai Wenyuan saw that his hand-drawn map was so highly appreciated and valued, he was in a slightly better mood. He said with pleasure, "My ancestors in the past Dynasties were all local teachers who studied the five elements of geomancy. So I went out with my father to observe the terrain of mountains and rivers from an early age, and drew pictures to record it. I never thought it would be used for military purposes in the future." "There are at least a hundred routes from here to Pegasus Ranch," said Xuanyong. "And we have Brother Bai, who is familiar with the situation of mountains and rivers, to lead the way. What are you afraid of him for?" Bai Wenyuan said with a wry smile, "Because there are Dahongshan and several big rivers blocking things from east to west, in fact there are only five routes in the mountains and two routes in the south and north of Dahongshan. The worst thing is that the places where the sentry posts are set up are all designed below. No matter how they hide, they can't escape the eyes and ears of the other side.". Alas. It's all my fault! Kou Zhong said proudly, "What if we don't go to Pegasus Ranch, but go straight to Yiling?" Bai Wenyuan said dejectedly, "That's even worse. Xiao Mian once told Dong Jingzhen that from the battle between the two and Li Mi, he saw that the two were good surprise soldiers, so it was very likely that they would attack Yiling by surprise, so we must take precautions.". Moreover, the only way to Yiling is from the Yangtze River, which will make it easier to expose Tibet. "Brother Bai," said Xu Ziling, "do you know the route Anlong and Zhu Mei will take back to Hannei?" Bai Wenyuan was cold and said coldly, "Naturally, we should take the Yangtze River. Then we won't be afraid of being overtaken by Fu Gongyou." "How many boats do they have?" Asked Kou Zhong. "It was a flotilla of ten wine ships,endless swimming pool," said Bai Wenyuan. "We sneaked here disguised as wine porters. The fleet should have stayed at a ferry in the west of Tongan, pretending to be the raw material for the shipment of wine, but actually waiting for Anlong. 。 monalisa.com
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