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#1 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 12:53:19 AM(UTC)
Cheryl F. Leis

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Wang Feng is different from Linghu An. Linghu is now a leader, and he is still a deputy. Although it is not far away from the full-time job, according to the popular saying, the dawn is at hand. But after all, the present is not equal to the present. Wang Feng sometimes has some opinions about Linghu An's many practices and ideas. Sometimes I even want to bring it up directly in the meeting. However, the present standing committee team is no longer the standing committee team when Linghu An first came to the east of the lake, more than half of them entered the standing committee in the hands of Linghu An. In the team, there are seven people who are basically supportive of Linghu An. Lu Xiangping is the only one who is in favor of Ye yuanshui and openly. Wang Feng did not support Linghu An, but he did not explicitly and publicly oppose him. There has always been a pair of contradictions between the deputy secretary and the county magistrate who is also the deputy secretary. Wang Feng often feels a kind of squeeze, whether in his work or in his inner anxiety and balance, he can feel that he is caught between Linghu An and Ye yuanshui. It is impossible to be impartial. Principles are sometimes compromises. The compromise he chose was to get a little closer to Linghu An, and although he was a little farther away from Ye yuanshui, he would never take the initiative to attack Ye yuanshui. Officialdom is like a battlefield. The battlefield is clearly presented, and the enemy and ourselves are challenging each other. You fight to the death, and it's clear. In this way, you will know how to fight. And officialdom? The biggest characteristic of officialdom is secrecy. You may feel a battle going on, but you have no idea who is fighting you. On the surface, they are all colleagues, comrades and supporters. But inside, no one can say: the tactics of the other side, the other side's defense, the other side's main attacker. The battle in officialdom is like old Don Quixote, carrying a windmill,ultrasonic dispersing machine, but not knowing that the real enemy is behind the windmill. "Foreign capital?"? So Secretary Linghu is going to introduce foreign capital? Ye Chao lowered his head to draw a card and raised his head to ask. "Yes, yes," said Linghu An. After three rounds of cards, the dinner party began. Linghu Ann somehow, the mood is high, unexpectedly touched Ye Chao three small glasses of wine, and drank a few glasses with other people. In the east of the lake, everyone knows Secretary Linghu's drinking rules-generally do not drink, people from provinces and cities drink three small cups. Tonight is an exception,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, and this exception is somewhat confusing. Just because Ye Chao is his senior in college? It's not likely. Over the past five years, many of Linghu An's college classmates have come to the east of the lake, and it is even speculated that Linghu's college secret love object, or the best bunk brothers, Linghu An has never broken the rule of three small cups. Broken tonight, he broke, Wang Feng and Bao Shuchao also need to drink more. Originally, the reception office arranged a bottle of Hudong Laojiao for 100 yuan. But before it was served, it was changed by Yu Zhe Hei. Yu Zhehei changed Wuliangye, and there were two pieces altogether. Cigarette also changed, all became soft China. Both Wuliangye and Soft China are liked by Linghu An. Although the reception is the leadership of the United Front Work Department of the provincial Party committee, for Yu Zhehei, the center is still Linghu An. After three rounds of drinking, Ye Chao was also a little drunk. When a man is drunk, especially when a male classmate is drunk, it becomes an eternal topic to talk about the female classmates in the class or school. Ye Chao patted Linghu An on the shoulder, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, "Linghu, that Ouyang in your class at that time, really." It's really beautiful! I'll just.. Linghu felt a pain in his heart. Ouyang is an eternal secret in his heart. Now, the secret was poked by Ye Chao, who first felt a trace of pain, and then Ouyang's bright smile flashed into his mind. Ouyang is a standard big city child, until his junior year, Linghu An, who came from a small county town, hardly looked at the beauty who was called the first in Jiangda. Until their senior year, they were unexpectedly assigned to the same county for internship. After more than a month of contact, Linghu An found uneasily that he seemed to have fallen in love with Ouyang. Ouyang, on the other hand, seemed to have some interest in him. However, it was too hazy after all, and Ouyang had already made public his love affair with another male classmate in the class at that time. Perhaps it is precisely because of these shortcomings that life has secrets. It's not like any other secret. Other secrets may be poked as a kind of tension, but this secret, when poked, is a trace of itching, then sweet to the bone, and then unforgettable pain.
"Yes, it's beautiful!" Linghu Ann answered. Ye Chao handed over the cup and touched it with Linghu An's cup. "Come on, let's have a drink.". Have a drink for Ouyang. "Have a drink, yes, have a drink!" Linghu An picked up the cup. "Then let's have a drink with him, too," Bao Shuchao joked! It is rare that Secretary Linghu and Inspector Ye are so affectionate. Ruthless is not necessarily a true hero, ah, you are all true heroes! The people agreed, and everyone drank. As soon as Wang Feng sat down, his cell phone rang. He took out his cell phone, looked at it, then motioned apologetically and got up to leave the restaurant. Outside, he whispered, "Secretary Li Chang, what instructions do you have?" "Ha, what are the instructions?"? I will go to the east of the lake next week, do you know? Li Chang is a northerner, and there is something in his voice. Know. Welcome! Secretary Linghu and I will be here tomorrow. "That's good!"! Wang Feng, let me ask you a question: What is the situation of the mining industry in the east of the lake? All you have to do is answer in two words: good or not so good. Is there anything in it? "This.." Secretary Li Chang, on the whole, I think it is very good. Of course, it is not excluded that there are some problems. I'll report to you in detail then. "You, you!"! Fine Wang Feng sighed and stood in the corridor for a while. The snow had stopped, and he could feel it: the temperature seemed to be rising. This heavy snow, which has not been seen for many years, comes and goes in a hurry. Like a meteor, more like the names and faces that glide through the officialdom. Linghu An returned to the East Lake Hotel and was sent back by Li Min's car. On the way, his cell phone rang. He didn't look. He just picked it up. It's Ye yuanshui, it's Ye yuanshui! Linghu An's wine "Gedeng" woke up a small half. Ye yuanshui's voice was a little heavy. He asked, "Secretary Linghu,ultrasonic molten metal, I heard that Secretary Li Chang of the Discipline Inspection Commission will come here next Tuesday, right?" "Here?"? Yes, yes! "Why didn't I get the notice?" 。 fycgsonic.com
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