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#1 Posted : Tuesday, August 23, 2022 7:25:43 AM(UTC)

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Just want to build an organ battle city, must do all the strength of the whole country, although the phoenix Dynasty has this technical drawings, but also only three hundred years, built an organ battle city. When the Phoenix Dynasty declined and was replaced by the Dagan Dynasty, the city was activated by a brave general of the previous Phoenix Dynasty, who protected the last princess with the blood of the Phoenix Dynasty. It rushed all the way north to the depths of the snow mountain and was never seen again. The Phoenix Battle City is not the only battle city in China. Knowing that the Phoenix Dynasty was like a weapon, it was only then that Xidi was unified. Shortly after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Jade Pear Dynasty also sent numerous experts, and finally grabbed a drawing of the organ Battle City. Although the Mu clan lost a large number of craftsmen because of the defection of the clan led by the great master of Ziyin Chou, it took a hundred years to build another battle city. However, the jade pear Dynasty built the battle city, because of the lack of national strength, only one fifth of the phoenix battle city, but also in several wars, suffered heavy losses, and can not start. After the fall of the Jade Pear Dynasty, the restoration of the Jade Pear Battle City is also far away. Phoenix Battle City escaped to the Arctic ice field, Yuli Battle City has not yet been restored, so what Wang Fo'er saw was naturally not one of the two. In the ancient books and records that I have read, I have never mentioned that there was a third organ battle city in China, but what I saw in front of me made Wang Fo'er know that he was absolutely not dazzled. The monster that gallops on the endless wasteland,Pi tape measure, constantly attracts thunder and lightning from high altitude, and sends out a rumbling roar, is the peak achievement of a machine, a machine monster that is as magnificent as Nantianmen Pass, but has its own life and thought. Urging the fire lotus, thousands of miles away but in a flash, this organ battle city gallops on the endless wasteland, the speed is not slow,horse weight tape, not lost to the ordinary elite class riding beast. As soon as Wang Fo'er approached the city of war, he saw countless fire dragons on the wall of the monster. He raised his head slightly and immediately sprayed thousands of flames at him. Fire dragon roar is a very simple product in machine art. As long as the gunpowder prepared by the secret recipe is put into the fire bomb, it will spray thousands of steps, and the range will be improved or reduced depending on the manufacturing technology. The warships and cities of China are often loaded with these heavy but powerful weapons. If the fire dragon is of excellent quality, the power of one shot will not lose to any master of the first grade. Wang Fo'er is now only the third grade of Xiu Wei, where dare to hard block this powerful earth-shaking artillery? And hundreds of fire dragons launched together, Wang Fo'er even if the fire lotus fly away, the speed is as fast as lightning, also according to the time to escape. Heaven and earth collapse, life and death, who can crack? Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang In the fifth chapter, you have to drive me to be free. The cloud image change of the five elements God change! At the moment when the artillery fire was imminent, Wang Fo'er calculated all the positions of the artillery fire that could cause damage to him. After all, the fire dragon was no better than a master. It was difficult to calculate. Then the cloud image changes and the body is gasified. When Wang Fo'er tried his best to escape the launch of hundreds of fire dragons and landed on the ground, he felt that his body was very hot, Walking tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure, his body was injured everywhere, and his internal organs were very uncomfortable. The fire dragon on the city immediately turned around, and Wang Fo'er thought to himself that he could not stand the second wave of artillery. With a loud shout, he escaped from the earth. The 108 recitations of Dalantuo Monastery are not omnipotent, nor do they have the art of escaping from the earth. Wang Fo'er, relying on the power of the five elements, forcibly broke through the earth. He had just been bombarded by artillery fire, and the injuries in his body had not recovered. This time, there was a change in the five elements of strong luck, which affected countless Qi movements, and almost could not keep his shape. Damn it, how can this organ battle city see me? It's not alive! One breath broke ten feet under the soil, and Wang Fo'er recovered his original body. There was a violent vibration on the ground above his head, which made his injury worse. But that organ battle city, after all, is not a living thing, lost the target to stop shooting. Wang Fo'er recuperated a turn of breath, just barely subdued the wounded, suddenly felt the rumbling vibration on the head, unexpectedly was the organ battle city galloped to the head.
"God help me!" Wang Fo son which can bear to live, a turn rushed out of the soil, just to see a black cloud across the sky, organ battle city is less than three feet above the head, left and right look, this organ battle city at the bottom. Every hundred paces or so, there is a huge hole, a five-color cloud haze, from the hole at the bottom of the city. Let this mountain peak be like the city of war hanging from the ground, and move calmly. At the end of the whole city, there were at least hundreds of thousands of such orifices spraying five-color smoke and haze, which mixed with the strange soil on the nameless wasteland and became rolling muddy waves. Wang Fo'er was so strong that he could not stand it. He shook off the green wood with his backhand and looked up gently. Although the five-color haze sprayed rapidly, it seemed that there was no toxicity. The lethality was not very strong, and he thought he could still withstand it. Wang Fo'er jumped. Through an orifice. Open! Although Wang Fo'er is not a monkey, he still has the ability to break out of the furnace. Carrying the Dragon Fist of the Five Emperors, he exploded the iron shell on his head in one fell swoop, which made him marvel. He has a background in art. Occasionally, I will draw some design drawings, but they are only shapes. Regardless of the function of the goods. If you change to an engineering mechanical professional background, now you will think that you have gone to a huge factory with a national name, and everywhere you look, there are all kinds of organs, rumbling and running. Countless finger-thick iron cables run vertically and horizontally, and blue electric lights are guided along the iron cables one by one, driving places that look like power furnaces to generate five-color clouds and haze. As the driving force of the organ battle city. Only then did Wang Fo'er know why this monster-like thing would keep galloping and absorb the thunder and lightning in the sky. It turned out that this thing was driven by thunder and lightning. But also only this strange world, the head is not half a foot sunny, dark clouds, thunder and lightning all the time, it is possible to let this organ battle city gallop like flying,Adhesive fish ruler, for the human world, this organ battle city only in situ, motionless as a mountain. tapemeasure.net
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