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Gentle Kazama has studied gastronomy: "The earliest cakes were made with a few simple ingredients. These cakes are symbols of ancient religious myths and miraculous superstitions.". Early trade routes brought exotic spices northward from the Far East, nuts, toilet water, citrus fruits, dates and figs from the Middle East, and sugar cane from eastern and southern countries. In the Dark Ages of Europe, these exotic ingredients were only available to monks and nobles, whose pastry creations were things like honey gingerbread and flat hard biscuits. Slowly, with the increase of trade, the eating habits of Western countries have changed completely. Soldiers and Arab traders returning from the Crusades spread the use of spices and Middle Eastern recipes. Bake master's guilds have also been organized in several major commercial centers in Central Europe. By the end of the Middle Ages, spices had been widely used by wealthy families all over Europe, which promoted imaginative pastry baking techniques. When nuts and sugar became popular, so did marzipan, which was baked in carved relief molds with patterns associated with religious precepts. Cakes first originated in the West, and then slowly spread to Asia. Chihara Red Kite, who is being nurtured by the knowledge of the cake in the wind, throws his pen to play with sex: "Minister of the wind.." Teach something practical. It's a waste of words, and I can't say enough about Marui's birthday on April 20th. Shaking his head in the wind, he crouched down and picked up the ballpoint pen that had been thrown on the ground by Qieyuan Red Kite: "Hey,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Qieyuan classmate, be patient in this respect." Hand the pen back to the red kite. Uh The red kite answered. Seeing the laziness of the original red kite, the wind smiled and borrowed the ballpoint pen that had just been returned to her. He wrote on a piece of paper and said: "In fact, it is not very difficult to make a cake. As long as you put your heart into it, even the most difficult thing will become simple." Looking at the wind to write the steps on the paper, the red kite can not help but be moved: "The wind..." This feeling is so warm that I have had it in this world. Just call Kaoru. Smiling in the wind: "Red Kite." "Well, Hee Hee,alumina c799, I always feel that Kaoru is very gentle." Red Kite held her cheeks in her hands and said, "The person who marries Kaoru will be very happy in the future." She began to gossip: "Does Kaoru like anyone?" Wind in the hands of a meal, eyes after the ups and downs of the waves and then restored calm: "No, no." "Is it?" That's strange. Is the wind cold to love? The red kite is depressed. Kaoru Kazama-I don't have anyone I like. It seems that another solid data has been recorded. The voice sounded from behind, and the original red kite's legs and feet were weak: "Hey, Liu, don't suddenly appear." She was so scared that she was going to have a heart attack. Liu took notes and came to Chiehara's Red Kite. "Red Kite, are you making trouble again?" "Hey, why do you think I'm making trouble every time?" She is not often destructive, how can she say that she is a good girl who is developing and studying hard every day? "Well, it looks like the suicide girl is going to change her name." The fraudster who specialized in splashing red kite cold water also appeared in front of the door of the Home Economics Society at the moment: "Yo, poke Lou Nu." "Tone deaf, you are so radiant today." Red Kite with a suffocating smile: 'Bah, 7g Ozone Generator ,ceramic igniter electrodes, if killing was legal in Japan, you would have died long ago.' She was like that, but she held back. King Ren naturally saw the anger in Red Kite's eyes, but quickly ignored it: "Suicide woman, your behavior is very strange." The brain must be convulsed, and the things made by suicide women must not be eaten, just like rat poison. Red Kite just wanted to make a cake for her brother to taste. The wind helped the red kite to explain: "I think this kind of love between brother and sister is very funny." "The three words'sister and brother love 'don't have to be buckled up." She doesn't play forbidden love. Although Japan's biological brother and sister can get married, but Chi also follows you, I am afraid Chi is also wronged! King Ren raised the corners of his mouth and indirectly despised the original red kite: "Na, am I right, Lian Er?" Liu Wenyan: "Yes, you can get married, but..." The line of sight fell on the body of the original red kite, and for a moment there was no follow-up.
King Ren had a bad heart and hit Liu Lian'er in the chest with his elbow. "Tut, Lian'er, you are jealous." I'm so proud of him. I should be proud that he has a pair of keen eyes. Liu was silent for a few seconds and said, "King Ren, do you have enough thoughts to prepare for the training?" All of a sudden, King Ren felt that heaven and earth were collapsing, and his amber eyes began to tremble: "Hey, data man, don't you take this?" He learned another idiom today, that is, misfortune comes from the mouth. Home made 018 From Kazama Kaoru here to get the recipe for making cakes, Chihara Red Kite was so proud that he made Chihara Red do this and that. As a result, flour dust filled the kitchen of the original family. Finally, the original mother could not bear to see, raised a roar: "You two go away." The Red Kite's eyes twinkled. "Did the mother do it?" You look like a good girl. The original mother sighed: "I did it." If you continue to let it go like this, sooner or later the kitchen will become a pile of flour. Hearing this, Chiyuan Red Kite bent the corners of his mouth and said, "Ha ha." With a gesture of her hand, she said, "Chi, get up and drive back to the palace." She knew for a long time that if she went on like this, her mother would do it, but she didn't expect it to be so fast. It was really Lucky. Dragged away from the kitchen by the red kite, the little devil looked stunned: "Sister?"? Didn't you say you had to do it yourself to make sense? Isn't that right? Came to the living room, the red kite turned around, raised his hand to reward the original red also a chestnut: "stupid, we want the result, not the process." She is preaching the so-called truth again. Covering his head, Chihara Chi also felt pain: "Well, what my sister said is reasonable." "Of course,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, I'm your sister." She exudes the arrogance of being higher than others, and looks down at Chihara Chiya, who is still crouching and covering his head. global-ceramics.com
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