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#1 Posted : Thursday, August 25, 2022 2:36:41 AM(UTC)

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It is said that Fengxian Emperor robbed the woman of the matchless immortal emperor, and then plotted against the matchless immortal emperor, who fled into the chaotic star field, and finally disappeared in the chaotic star field. In other words, he also left a horned soul field in the chaotic star field. As a result, he went to the Chaos Star Field to test and was almost plotted against, which made him remember all the time. I've heard of this man, too. He's a younger generation. Hao Tian yuan Shen said with a hum. The younger generation? He is now the Lord of the clear sky. Kui has some contempt for this Haotian Emperor. Haotian yuanshen sighed for a long time before he said, "Is he the God of Qingweitian?"? Where did Emperor Hongyu go? "How do I know?" Replied Kui. Haotian yuanshen was silent again for a long time before he said, "In the future, when you become an immortal emperor, you should be careful of Emperor Sakong. This man is the worst among the four emperors. In fact, he is the most scheming and the highest one.". If in the future, you and this person against the enemy, do not talk to him, directly start killing, if not the opponent, how far to go, absolutely do not fight with him. "Emperor SaKong?" He frowned, feeling that the name was familiar. I have no nostalgia, will go, and finally there is a word to send you,Glass Cosmestic Containers, even if you are already the peak of the immortal emperor, do not expose the chaotic world alive is a chaotic tree. Because the great magical power of the holy emperor is not something that the immortal emperor can look up to at all. After Haotian yuanshen finished speaking, the light and shadow scattered again and disappeared in a twinkling of an eye. A round bead the size of a longan fell into his hand, but there was no breath. Only then did he suddenly realize that he had remembered the name of Emperor Sakong. When he was asking about the reincarnation of Dao Ge, the woman who pulled him had called the name of Emperor Sakong. Or this Emperor Sakong is him. Seeing that Haotian turned into a round bead in a twinkling of an eye, Ye Mo remembered that he still had a lot of things to ask this guy. Ask what is above the seventh floor of the pavilion? As well as where the emperor lived and so on, none of these questions were asked, and this Haotian actually disappeared. He shook his head,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, put away the beads and the broken drum, and at the same time took out the time array plate. After arranging the time array plate on the purified Fairy Spring Pool, nearly 100 million fairy crystals were taken out, and he was ready to retreat. He knew that at this time, he had better seize the time to improve his strength. Hao Tianxian Emperor's words are right, his things, any one exposed, are the end of death without a whole body. If you want to live a few more days, besides practicing, you can only practice. Although he still has six Tianguo, he also knows that he has just absorbed a lot of fairy spirit and Lei yuan to be promoted to the middle stage of Dayi Xian. At this time, it is not the best choice to use Tianguo directly to be promoted. The time array disk rotates crazily, and the top-grade immortal crystals turn into nothingness in the time array disk, and the consumption is getting bigger and bigger. In the time array plate inside the Kui is not aware of, only know crazy absorption of fairy spring fairy spirit. Fenggang Fairy City. Although it is the largest fairy city in Yuehengtian, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, it is not famous in the next eleven days, so Fenggang Fairy City is not particularly brilliant. But today, Fenggang Fairy City is surrounded by colorful clouds, immortal music and singing, countless cranes or immortal beasts, flying immortals flying to Fenggang Fairy City. Fenggang Fairy City, which is already very lively, is even more lively. Fairy Street is full of immortals in high spirits. Because today is the day to celebrate the promotion of Lu Zhengqun, the God of Yueheng Tianyu, to the rank of immortal. Lu Zhengqun, the God of Yueheng Tianyu, was promoted to the rank of immortal king half a year ago. Because he is fair and fair in everything he does, he is called the gentleman immortal king. Chapter 1703 I am not reincarnated. He took a step forward, and there seemed to be some clarity in his heart. He vaguely felt that the young man was one of his reincarnations, and that the woman crying and holding him seemed to be his closest relative. Museum of Literature He clenched his fist. He was abandoned before reincarnation. After reincarnation, he was still abandoned. He was still the object of abandonment after he was reborn from one reincarnation to another, and after he began to cultivate the truth with the eight miscellaneous spiritual roots. Heaven is also abandoning him, and every thunder robbery seems to be plotting against him and killing him.
If he does not have the golden page world, if he does not know the array, if he does not have the'three lives', if there is no accidental success in refining the body. Without these, he would have been abandoned again, and the thunder would have turned him into ashes. But this time, he controlled his own destiny with great luck and perseverance, at least until now, the way of heaven is still helpless to him. After looking at the three characters of the'Way of Samsara 'on the sixth floor of the Questioning Pavilion, he raised his hand and said slowly, "From now on, no one dares to let me enter reincarnation. From now on, I will coexist with heaven and earth and never reincarnate!" Then he waved his palm and brought up a golden light. Asked the sixth floor of the pavilion faintly sounded the echo of the void, "." Coexist with heaven and earth, never reincarnation.. Never reincarnation. The voice is endless, echoing constantly in the'reincarnation path 'of the Asking Pavilion. From now on, his fate will be in his own hands, no one can abandon him, no one is qualified to abandon him. He has the world of golden pages, the decision of three lives, the bitter bamboo.. He doesn't believe that he can't live forever. Boom, boom.. After sending out his oath, the immortal yuan in his body rolled and flowed like the Yellow River churning. Kui just stands still, his immortal yuan does not need to practice automatic promotion, from the late Xuanxian into the peak of Xuanxian, and then to the perfection of Xuanxian. His knowledge of the sea is just like the substance, the same extension and solidification. Seemed to be vowing for his oath. Golden immortals lingered on his body surface, as if they were still tempering his body. One day, two days.. A month later, he punched out again, trembling in the void, as if even the sixth floor of the Enquiry Pavilion was shaking. He knew it was time for him to go up to the seventh floor. From now on,30ml dropper bottle, I will not enter reincarnation. There is no need to ask about reincarnation. Please go up to the seventh floor of the Taoist Pavilion. He said loudly to the sixth floor of the empty Questioning Pavilion. Do not enter samsara, do not borrow the path of samsara. Please come out of the reincarnation path. The voice in the void came, and he understood in an instant. penghuangbottle.com
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