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Since he had decided to set up the Pingbei General's Office in Ji City, he had been stationed in a military village near the carriage canal in the southwest of Ji City, which was not only convenient for receiving reports of various military affairs nearby and making timely decisions, but also conducive to directing the construction of the General's Office. Over the past six months, Lu Yao and his subordinates have cut through the thorns, fighting almost every month and day, and everyone is like the tightest bowstring, walking on the edge of breaking. Until now, Lu Yao has the status of the viceroy of deep and remote States, roughly control the northern border thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, under thousands of horses are brave and good at fighting, enough to deter the surrounding, and flat north general Junfu Cao assistant officials are also very effective, government affairs is very appropriate; Seeing that the relevant construction of Jicheng Junfu is progressing smoothly, although there are still some problems to be solved, Lu Yao is confident that he has a solution, and according to the feedback from various places, it is also hopeful to solve the problem. In this way, he had a rare idea of playing and relaxing. Lu Yao is a soldier's habit and acts vigorously and vigorously. With this pleasure, he set off immediately without delay. On the same day, he ordered Ma Rui to order more than a hundred retinues,Amber Dropper Bottles, and called Fang Qinzhi, Xiong Cong and several other civil servants to set out. Said to play, in fact, there is no special scenery around the thistle city, Lu Yao's previous life familiar with those places of interest, at the moment even the shadow is not a, even the so-called long Tantuo Temple, now also do not know if there is a monk Hu willing to go to Youzhou to build. There was no special interest in thinking about it,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, so Lu Yao went straight across the thistle city to the northeast, intending to see the progress of an important facility that the foot soldiers were stepping up to build. They went all the way to the northeast, although there was a cold wind blowing on their faces, but the sun was in the sky, and they did not seem to feel too cold. They walked slowly and talked, and the journey of five or six miles passed in the blink of an eye. Because most of the farmland along the way was not taken care of, even half a wheat seedling was not seen, so the cavalry simply spread out their wings and moved forward at the same time. (Www. Mianhua Tang. La Cotton Candy Novel Network) Seeing that the destination was approaching, he was bumping into a group of villagers kneeling on the roadside. The first knights were too lazy to pay attention to it, so they waved a few whips directly and ordered them to retreat so as not to be trampled by the cavalry behind them. Lu Yao's eyes were sharp, and from a distance he saw more than a dozen people trembling and kneeling on the roadside. When his men raised the whip, he frowned slightly, and when he found that the cavalry had no intention of whipping the people, but only to frighten them, he opened his brows. Pulling the horse for a few steps, oil dropper bottle ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, Lu Yao suddenly remembered something, so he sent another rider to rush and called the people over. He asked kindly, "How many local villagers are you?"? Where are you going? One of the older farmers dared to reply, "We are the people whose ancestors have settled down here for several generations.." Ahem. This is to go to. He peeked at Lu Yao's expression and kowtowed again. "We just went to see the earth enclosure, and now we're going back to the village." "Earth enclosure?" Lu Yao asked in astonishment and then laughed: "Ha ha.." Ha-ha! Isn't it just an earth enclosure? Fellow villagers, when the officers and soldiers were building this earth enclosure, were there any disturbances? Is there forced expropriation? "There is no nuisance!"! There is no taking by force! The old man immediately denied it. Very good! Very good Lu Yao nodded with satisfaction and pulled the horse away. Not far away, he raised his whip and pointed forward, laughing again: "The villager is so ignorant that he calls it Tuweizi!"! Ha-ha Originally, deep and remote state, on behalf of the army than soon, but after the field survey, subordinates agreed that the thistle city school field is narrow, difficult to accommodate the army, must quickly rearrange the site of the review. The strange building built on the old riverbed of sorghum water in front of us is the big school field designed by Lu Yao himself on a whim a few days ago. As far as the scale is concerned, it is enough to accommodate thousands of people on standby, and the old dam sites on both sides of the riverbed have just been converted into viewing platforms, saving a lot of labor. The problem is that the school yard is actually oval, which is quite different from the architectural habits at that time. Therefore, it is hard to avoid being called "Tuweizi", not to mention ordinary people, even the officials of the military government, in private there are half-jokingly so called.
Lu Yao himself was very satisfied with the appearance of the school yard. He rode around the school yard and praised: "Wen Lin, Wen He, you have worked hard. Well done!"! The two of them came out of the crowd and thanked Lu Yao for his praise. Known as Wenlin, is responsible for the site survey and construction of the Junfu Gongcao official Xiong Cong; and known as Wenhe, is responsible for guarding the captives of a team leader surnamed Li on behalf of the county army. Since Lu Yao led his troops into Dai County, he has constantly reorganized the enemy's foot soldiers to enrich his own side, but there are also some captives who are either unruly or unable to use force. Therefore, after disarming, they are concentrated to engage in hard work, which can make up for the shortage of labor on behalf of the land. Coincidentally, Captain Li, who was guarding the captives, had made a living by building for others before he joined the army, so he cooperated with Xiong Cong very well. Lu Yao squinted his eyes and looked up and down at the school yard, and continued: "Especially the high wooden frame, the interwoven appearance is exactly what I want.". Very good! It looks like it! After a pause, he suddenly said, "We might as well call it the Bird's Nest in the future."! Ha-ha Bird's nest? This What an inexplicable and inconceivable name is this? The name is neither mighty, nor quaint, nor profound meaning, why would the tetrarch give birth to this idea? Lu Yao's decision was so abrupt that for a moment, both Wen and Wu were stunned and simply did not know how to speak. Think of the reading place of Youzhou Military Academy, which will be called "Bird's Nest" in the future. Many people shivered and felt dumbfounded. This strange state of silence was soon discovered by Lu Yao. He looked back at the attendants and said awkwardly, "What's the matter?"? Is it not appropriate? "Appropriate!"! Appropriate Only one person is full of passion to echo loudly: "Master, the bird's nest has a profound meaning, which makes people enjoy endless aftertaste!"! It's so good! It's so appropriate! The man said,Blue Bottle Serum, and even choked a few times: "Master..." Purr Master please forgive subordinates gaffe! "The word" Bird's Nest "is like a knife, an axe, and a chisel. It goes deep into the minds of my subordinates. It really makes my heart surge and I can't help myself!" 。 penghuangbottle.com
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