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#1 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 12:40:49 AM(UTC)
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In the third movement of "Moonlight", the main theme composed of a series of arpeggios is like the waves in the storm, one wave after another, at the top of the wave crest, there is a powerful accent, a boiling enthusiasm, and perhaps, a parting anger. The notes, like thunder in a storm, roll in the distance, and the continuous eighth notes strike a firm rhythm, which is the voice of willpower and the horn of victory. At the end of the song, the field was quiet. At this time, there was applause. Unexpectedly, Yang Duoduo was the first to react. She clapped her hands and looked at Yang Xiaoguang and said, "Dad, does Shiqi play very well?"? It feels about the same as my level. Yang Xiaoguang pulled slightly at the corners of his mouth. It seems that her silly and sweet daughter is completely unaware of the true level of Chu Shiqi's piano. In fact, he did not understand the piano, but looking at other people, especially the extremely shocked expressions of the piano training teachers, Yang Xiaoguang probably guessed that Chu Shiqi's piano level was absolutely to kill Yang Duoduo. The shrew who taunted Chu Shiqi was also honest this time. She coughed twice and said,white marble mosaic, "I didn't expect to have two brushes, but can this level really enter the intermediate class?" As soon as the voice fell, a piano teacher who came later suddenly turned his head and stared at her. Then she looked back at Chu Shiqi. Her eyes were full of gentleness: "Excuse me, little friend, are you called Chu Shiqi?" Chu Shiqi was a little surprised: "Yes.". Do you know me? "Well, of course I don't know him.". But I watched your piano recital when I was studying in Yanjing. As soon as this remark was made, the whole audience was in an uproar. A concert? A child of this age? Even Yang Xiaoguang was surprised. He guessed that it was too normal for a little white, rich and beautiful girl like Chu Shiqi to have received piano training. It can even be said that in the upper class circles,grey marble slab, the piano has become a necessary skill for girls. But it's a bit of an exaggeration to say that you have a concert at the age of three. Oh, it's just a benefit show. Mom and them planned it. Chu Shiqi said. Piano teacher smiled: "You are too modest, I was at the scene, really shocked.". I can't believe that it's a piano that a three-year-old child can play. Now I haven't seen you for a year, and your piano level has made a qualitative leap. If, a year ago, your level can participate in the entrance examination of the Conservatory of Music, then now your level can fully accept the graduation examination. You know, those are college students in their twenties, and you're only four years old. Teacher Ning Yu is right. You are absolutely a world-class piano genius. As soon as this remark was made, the person who knew that Ning Yu was equally famous was shocked by his expression. Ning Yu, the representative of the younger generation of Chinese piano masters, has won the world championship in the Chopin International Piano Competition by beating many famous pianists. She gave the same evaluation to another talented piano child named Chen Anke. This is a Chinese-American gifted child who once caused a sensation in the United States on America's Got Talent. It can be seen how weighty the evaluation of "world-class piano genius" in Ning Yu's mouth is. However, Chu Shiqi didn't seem to care much. She looked at the piano teacher and said, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Marble Projects, "Teacher, can I go to the middle class?" "Well," the piano teacher scratched his head and looked a little embarrassed. "To tell you the truth, your level has caught up with our piano teacher here. We have nothing to teach you." "No, there must be my teacher when three people walk together." Chu Shiqi paused, glanced at Yang Xiaoguang, and suddenly said, "Besides, I can also be a part-time piano teacher.". But I'm a minor, so I need my parents' permission. When the piano teacher heard this, his eyes lit up. Well, that's an interesting proposal! She paused and looked at Yang Xiaoguang with a hesitant expression: "Is he your parent?" That's right. My part-time income is transferred to his bank card. With that, Chu Shiqi ran to Yang Xiaoguang and whispered, "Uncle Guang, this is my little private money. Don't tell my mother." Yang Xiaoguang couldn't help laughing. This little girl is too quaint! By the time everyone came to their senses, the parents of the shrew, who did not know whether she was ahead of time, had a bad temper and hurtful words, had disappeared.
She ran away when she heard that Chu Shiqi had a solo concert. In a word, although there was a moderate disturbance, the matter was finally solved perfectly. After Chu Shiqi and Yang Duoduo entered the classroom, Yang Xiaoguang left the piano training center. Go back to the hospital to have a look, also do not know Chu Yan ran has not looked for the personnel to announce own appointment? It's not too far from the hospital, so Yang Xiaoguang decided to walk there. On the way, we have to cross a bridge called Lianjiang Bridge. This bridge has many functions, including transportation, tourism and sightseeing. Among the tourism projects, there is a project of rope jumping bridge, which is very popular with women. At the moment, a woman standing on the edge of the bridge, wearing black tights and ropes, is about to try to jump off the bridge, but she seems to be afraid. Seeing the woman's appearance, Yang Xiaoguang could not help pulling the corners of his mouth. This person is also an acquaintance of his, the last blind date, the twin sister Wei Xiyue of the iron bad friend Wei Shan. Yang Xiaoguang has had many blind dates, and this Wei Xiyue is one of the people who have the worst impression of Yang Xiaoguang. However, Yang Xiaoguang also admitted that this woman is very beautiful, and the chest is really big. He thought there was a C before, but now it seems that his speculation is conservative. I'm afraid this woman has to have d! Tomorrow, Monday, please ask for a recommendation ticket. Chapter 23 other people's sister and my sister. "Hm?" Although for a fan, the feast of gluttony is just around the corner. However, Yang Xiaoguang's attention quickly focused on the security officer who was responsible for tying ropes to tourists on the bridge. It was a young man of twenty-four or twenty-five years old, whose eyes had been staring at Wei Xiyue's chest, and he reached out several times to touch it, but because there were too many people around him,Artificial Marble Slabs, he took it back. But apparently, the guy is starting to get hot in the head. But at this time, Wei Xiyue's attention was focused on Yang Xiaoguang. forustone.com
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