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#1 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 12:52:17 AM(UTC)
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The herd, which had been rushing eastward, suddenly turned around. Some of them remained in place and hit the barrier, while others followed the mountain leopard and ran along the track of the four-elephant array. The mountain leopard ran and watched the spiritual fluctuations of the barrier. Such a big array, can never be the same everywhere strong, there must be a place, will be a little weaker than elsewhere. He's going to look for the weakest point in the formation, and then.. Break out of the array ! Chapter 134 "The beast tide is coming this way. Get ready!" Someone warned. In fact, without his reminding, other people also saw the dust waves in the distance, vast and mighty, reaching the sky, which was the sand and dust brought by countless demons running. Yuejiang hurriedly ran to the big array and wanted to help. But when he passed by Jiang Bing, he stopped unconsciously. Since the array was broken, Jiang Bing was stunned to stay in place, the roar of the outside demons, or the voice of the crowd shouting, can no longer move him. He seems to be a small world of his own,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, isolated from the world. Although Yue Jiang did not know what Jiang Bing and Jiang Hua's feelings were, he also knew that they had a good relationship. Jiang Bing was the hardest hit by Jiang Hua's death. As for the others, although no one said, they felt relieved. After all, compared with the legendary gods, the demons in front of us are easier to deal with. Although Yue Jiang did not think so, he was also an acquaintance with Jiang Hua,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and could not be so indifferent to others. But at the moment, he did not have time to comfort Jiang Bing, the four elephant array must not be broken, otherwise the casualties are incalculable. Yuejiang hesitated in place for a moment, and when he heard the roar of the demon getting closer and closer, he left Jiang Bing's side and went to the big array to help guard the barrier together. He came to the side of Yuehe, who stood by the barrier early. The two of them stood ready together, staring at the dark figure who took the lead. Speaking of which, they all fought with mountain leopards. Yuejiang's arm was scratched by the mountain leopard, and Yuehe was patted downstairs by the mountain leopard and injured his arm. The two arms of the brothers add up, and this account is not as deep as the sea of hatred, but it is not light. The mountain leopard ran so fast that in the blink of an eye, he approached the two men. He did not pay attention to the crowd standing outside the array, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic cutting machine, but focused on the spiritual concentration of the barrier. But when he saw Yuejiang and Yuehe unexpectedly, he suddenly slowed down his pace. Yuejiang and Yuehe remembered him, and he remembered them as well. Shanbao squinted at the two men, his line of sight swept over Yuehe, mainly staying on Yuejiang. In the subway station, it was the Taoist priest who trapped himself with the amulet fire. Had it not been for the body of a black cat at that time, where would it be so awkward? Now that he has returned to the body, it is easy to kill them. The three-meter-long leopard suddenly stood up. He lay on the barrier and bared his teeth at Yuejiang and Yuehe. The panther was almost as tall as a man when he lay down, but now he stood on his hind legs, taller than two adult men put together, and the shadow of his standing almost covered the Yuejiang and Yuehe rivers in front of the barrier. Both of them took a step back subconsciously. The mountain leopard grinned across the barrier, both a deterrent and a laugh. Then, he didn't stay any longer and ran to the distance again. At present, the most urgent task is to find the weakness of the four-elephant array, and then lead the demons out of the array. As for the two Taoist priests, after he broke the battle array, he went to retaliate in person. The mountain leopard king is very vindictive! The mountain leopard went away, and Yuejiang and Yuehe reacted later. Yuehe clenched his fist and said angrily, "He is threatening us!" Yuejiang also clenched his fists. He stopped Yuejiang, who had stepped forward impulsively, and exhorted him, "Don't worry. I'll avenge you later!"! Let's fight the beast tide first! Yuehe nodded, and the two of them said no more, and together with the others, they attacked the demons that had hit the barrier. But they gradually realized that something was wrong. The beast tide followed the mountain leopard along the path of the barrier. Although they would attack the barrier when they moved forward, they did not concentrate on it. The attack was just easy. They concentrated on.. Run ? This isn't a shemale sports convention. Of course these demons aren't running. They're.. Yuejiang and Yuehe thought of this at the same time, and they looked at each other tacitly.
"These monsters are looking for the weakness of the formation!" Someone exclaimed. Think of this is not only Yuejiang Yuehe, many people are aware of the purpose of the demons. The masters, of course, Yue Tai realized it as early as he found the mountain leopard leaving with the beast tide, and he thought while resisting the attack of the demon group. The monster is cunning, human beings are not stupid, the predecessors summed up the art of war countless good tricks, Yue Tai but a little thought, came up with a counterplot. He contacted the rest of the masters with paper cranes and got the unanimous approval of all the masters. Without hesitation, Yue Tai suddenly ordered the heavenly masters around him: "Reduce the spiritual power output of the Eastern Array Eye." The person beside is amazed: "Why?"? If the four-image array is broken.. Yue Tai did not explain, but interrupted him directly: "Just to prevent the Four Elephants Array from being broken!"! Do as I say. Yue Tai was highly respected in Xuanmen, and he must have had a reason to do so. The heavenly masters guarding the eyes of the Eastern Array did not refute it again. Everyone obeyed, and the eastern barrier suddenly became a little weaker. The demons immediately realized that they were more and more excited to attack the barrier. And the mountain leopard will also finish a lap and return to the east. In this circle, the weakest place of spiritual power is still in the east. The mountain leopard has some doubts, is the barrier here just so weak? He was still in doubt,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and the monster behind him had pounced on him regardless, and the popularity here was so strong that they were hungry and thirsty. They are eager to break the barrier to devour the humans behind them. The mountain leopard stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of his nose. His claws contracted. He could not hold back as he watched the other monsters fight in front of him. And it is true that the spiritual power here is relatively weak, then break through against the east!. fycgsonic.com
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