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#1 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 12:56:27 AM(UTC)
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The Four Dharma Protectors were so grateful that they were just short of kneeling down to Qin Yao. Qin Yao smiled faintly and said, "This is what you deserve. I have something to tell you to do. If you do it well, I will guarantee your success." "A successful robbery?" "Really?"? Daxian, you must keep your word. "Even if we go through fire and water, we will finish it." Hearing the four words of'successful robbery ', the four protectors of the Dharma are already very excited. With Amethyst Dan, it is easy to become a powerful saint. Who is not eager? Only by becoming a mighty saint can they enjoy immortality and longevity, which is a great temptation for them. "You are like this." Qin Yao slightly raised the corners of his mouth, quickly explained the matter, and became more and more excited in his heart. "It's going to be a big mess." The four Dharma protectors were in high spirits after hearing this. "Rest assured" "Daxian, even if you don't tell us, we will do it." "Ten Immortals, we will not let them go." Qin Yao smiled faintly and said, "Go and do it well. I'll let you get what you want." "Yes" Four in at the same time fly out, led ten thousand demons draw out a meteor general fly in all directions, that scene is unparalleled. Ten thousand demons come out together, and there is chaos in the world. Give me a hard time, and you won't have a easy time. The army of ten thousand demons led by the four protectors of the Dharma was very powerful, and Qin Yao told them that the matter was to stir up the immortals. Also buy more time for Qianjizong for this purpose. After Wanmo left, Qin Yao smiled faintly and said softly, "It's quite cool to be the suzerain." Then he strode toward Meng Lei and said excitedly, "Fatty, I miss you so much." Meng Lei scratched his head and laughed,liquid bottle filling machine, turning back to Meng Lei when he was in Qinghe City. "Young master, you are really awesome now. You have become the suzerain." "Ha ha." Qin Yao burst out laughing. He put one hand on Meng Lei's shoulder and said, "Awesome." "Awesome," Meng Lei said with a silly smile. Then he asked, "Young master, where is Yunman? Why didn't you see her following you? "Yun Man" When he heard the name, Qin Yao moved faintly. It's been more than ten years, and it's about time. "Do you miss Yunman?" Qin Yao's eyes are full of yearning, not only Yunman but also Aunt Qinglian,juice filling machine, who has been away for more than ten years that day, and I don't know how they are. Now is also the time to go to Jingxinzhai. "Yes," said Meng Lei. "All right," said Qin Yao with a smile, "let's go and look for her." Jingxinzhai, Lotus Peak Yun Man sat cross-legged on the lotus seat, dressed in white, moving in clearly, like a fairy who did not eat fireworks, with her eyes slightly closed and her expression indifferent. Suddenly A memory flashed through my mind. Memories are very broken, only vaguely see the appearance of a person. "Who the hell is he?" "Why do I always feel happy when I think of him?" "Thirteen years." To be continued Chapter three hundred, Saint, we meet again. A month later, there was no pop-up window qi. Jingxinzhai, the foot of Shenglianfeng Mountain San Ru stopped at the gate of the mountain. "Young master, is Yunman here?" Meng Lei gazed at the three words'Jingxinzhai 'on the mountain gate and asked. Qin Yao nodded his head gently. Since Meng Lei mentioned Yunman a month ago, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, there was boundless yearning in his heart, but there were too many things in Zongmen. He worked from dawn to dusk every day and was very busy. There are no less than a dozen tasks for each school alone. A series of tasks, such as accepting disciples, building a sect, preaching, and so on, although some tasks do not require him to do them himself, they also need to be sent in to carry them out. However, busy to busy, every day is very full. Qin Yao also poured feelings into Qianji Sect. He did a lot of things himself, and was respected by all the disciples of Qianji Sect. Originally, there were some voices of disobedience. After a month, all the disciples respected him very much, and in their minds, they regarded him as the hope of Qianji Sect I wanted to come to Jingxinzhai earlier, but the business was complicated. In the last month, the Immortal Sect of the yuan Dynasty has been in a mess, and there has been constant friction. The Demons are wantonly expanding and are very arrogant.
Storm is getting stronger and stronger, but Qianji Zong stays out of it, everything is different from him, but all this is Qin Yao behind the scenes. Just yesterday, Li Xiaoyao finally refined into a big array to protect the mountain. Qin Yao's heart was relaxed. Li Xiaoyao, the king of the array, spent a month refining the array, and its power can be imagined. With Li Xiaoyao in charge of Qianji Zong, Qin Yao didn't have to worry too much, so he took Meng Fanyi and Meng Lei to Jingxinzhai today. More than ten years have passed quietly, once again come to Jingxinzhai, do not have a taste. Meng Fanyi looked indifferent and a little uncomfortable. At the beginning of the oath Dan Dan, there is a day to kill Jingxinzhai, but with his strength now, even the mountain protection array can not be broken, let alone the strong Jingxinzhai. "Don't worry, I have everything." Qin Yao patted Meng Fanyi on the shoulder and smiled. Then he stepped forward to the gate of the mountain and said with a slight salute, "Please pass it on. Qin Yao, the suzerain of Qianji Sect, wants to see you." "The suzerain is in seclusion. I won't see you. Please go back." Guarding the mountain gate is two middle-aged women, look serious, for the arrival of Qin Yao did not feel the slightest strange, their expressions let Qin Yao mind a daze. "Retreat?" Qin Yao frowned slightly and then asked, "Would you please pass on the Green Lotus Fairy.." Before she had finished speaking, the woman guarding the mountain interrupted impatiently, saying, "Elder Qinglian is also in seclusion. Please go back." "Eh?" "Also in seclusion?" "That's a coincidence?" Qin Yao murmured a few words in his heart and asked again, "Where is Yunman who came here thirteen years ago?"? Is she here? "The holy envoy of the cloud is traveling outside, not in the mountains." "None of them are here. Please go back." When he spoke, there was a trace of impatience between his eyebrows, and sometimes his eyes showed a look of disdain, as if he looked down on Qin Yao. In this month, the Immortal Sect was in turmoil, and all the attacking devils were trolls from ancient times, and they all escaped from the Demon Array. And everything that happened in Qianjizong spread in a few days. The current suzerain Qin Yao massacred the Supreme Elder unintentionally and controlled the group of demons to stir up chaos. All the causes and effects were due to Qin Yao's entry Now the Immortal Sect is in danger,liquid bottle filling machine, and all the suzerains are discussing how to deal with the demons. Although the disciple guarding the mountain doesn't know everything, he knows a little about it, and he told me in the morning that he is not allowed to let anyone go up the mountain today. gzxilinear.com
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