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When Yao Guang heard this, he wanted to curse, but finally he held back and questioned Shu Lingdao, "What kind of bad time did you choose?"? Why don't you let me come through before I'm sent to the yuan family mansion, or later, after Li Yao has slept with yuan Maode? Sleeping with an old goat in his late fifties is totally out of line for me, okay?! This time, however, the book spirit did not reply to her, and after she asked the question, she disappeared without a word. Yao Guang was very angry, but he had no alternative. After cursing the book spirit countless times in his heart, he gradually calmed down and began to think about countermeasures. In any case, this place is certainly not to stay, or when yuan Maode comes, no matter what reaction he will have when he sees this face, under the influence of the drug effect, she will probably jump on it first. This will definitely be a nightmare experience that will last a lifetime! No, she would never allow that to happen! Thinking of this, Yao Guang clenched his teeth and stood up with difficulty, holding the bedpost, and walked out of the house little by little. Before opening the door, she leaned against the door to listen to what was happening outside. Thank God no one was watching, otherwise it would be very difficult for her to leave. Yao Guang did not know the way, so he went out and looked around. After choosing a direction at random,cosmetic plastic tube, he walked through the courtyard and along the corridor to the other side. This way did not meet anyone, Yao Guang walked, to a quiet environment of the courtyard, vaguely can hear the sound of water. There's water! Dazed head, even thinking has become a very difficult thing, but Yao Guang still retains the last trace of reason, know that cold water can alleviate her physical condition. She followed the sound of the water and stumbled to find the past. In the blurred line of sight, there is a faint appearance of a pool, but there seems to be something in the water,empty lotion tubes, the pool also seems to be something wrong. But Yao Guang now no matter the body or consciousness has almost reached the limit, can no longer manage so much. Zhou Yanjing was soaking in a hot spring when he suddenly heard footsteps coming this way. He didn't think much about it. He just thought it was someone accompanying him. Without looking back, he asked, "Xie Liu, what's the matter?" Waited for a moment and did not hear a reply, and then he heard the footsteps disorderly, instant reaction to come over, the bearer is not Xie Liu. Prior to this, Zhou Yanjing asked Xie Liu to remind the yuan family that he did not like to be disturbed during the bath, but he did not expect someone to break in. Displeased, he frowned slightly and turned to scold the man. The water mist at the hot spring was confused, and a slender and graceful figure appeared in the line of sight. It was a young girl who looked sixteen or seventeen years old. Her long blue hair was tied back with two white jade hairpins. She wore a white cross-collared jacket, a dark green embroidered and tilian brocade skirt, and a gauze sleeve with delicate patterns on the sleeve. She stumbled toward this side, close, Zhou Yanjing was able to see her appearance. It was a stunning face, delicate and impeccable eyebrows and eyes, eye cream packing tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, skin as white as the best suet white jade, cheeks with a trace of abnormal blush, eyes a little blurred, slightly biting lips, as if enduring something. Zhou Yanjing is not the kind of person who has never seen the world. He has seen countless beauties, but none of them have entered his eyes. But at this moment, the girl who suddenly broke in made him look stunned. When he came to his senses, he had come to his side. You When he opened his mouth and said a word, he saw that the girl's feet were unstable and her body lost its balance and fell forward. In the past, Zhou Yanjing would have avoided this situation long ago, but now he seems to be obsessed, subconsciously reaching out to catch people. For a moment, warm and fragrant nephrite is full of.. Yao Guang originally thought to fall, did not expect to fall into a warm embrace, the man's unique breath into the nasal cavity, under the influence of the efficacy of the body, this breath undoubtedly has a fatal attraction for her. Then, the dull sensory feedback gave her another feeling that the water her body touched was warm. That is to say, the pond she thought could alleviate her physical condition was actually a hot spring, and someone happened to bathe here. This situation is probably equivalent to urgent medical treatment, and the result is worse and worse.
Yao Guang opened her eyes with difficulty to see the person holding her, the water in her eyes was shining, and her eyes were even more charming. Because of the hot spring mist, the vision was a little blurred, but so close, it was enough for her to see each other's appearance. This is a man of about twenty years old, handsome and extraordinary facial features, a pair of phoenix eyes slightly raised at the end, revealing a bit of romantic meaning. The eyes move down from the face, across the sexy Adam's apple and collarbone, and fall on the broad chest. At a glance, you can tell that this is the kind of person who exercises regularly. His skin is bronzed and his muscles are slightly bulging. You can imagine the feeling of hardness, which is fascinating. Yao Guang was dazed and came to a conclusion. Young and handsome, good figure = no loss of sleep. Anyway, she came here to alleviate the efficacy of the drug, although the cold pool is gone, but there is such a person, equivalent to a ready-made antidote, it is not a trip in vain. Thinking like this, Yao Guang had already made a decision in her heart. She raised her hand to encircle the other's neck, but her body was too soft to exert any strength. As a result, her hand failed to fall to the expected position, slipped down the other's shoulder, and finally fell on the chest. It feels as strong and hard as you can imagine. Yao Guang thought of these things, consciousness more blurred, she subconsciously put her head on each other's chest, ears heard a steady and powerful heartbeat. Hot Yao Guang murmured, his voice was soft and weak, his head gently rubbed in each other's arms, and his gentle movements were like a kitten scratching, which made people feel that their hearts were crisp. Help. Give me a hand As the words fell, she felt the arms around her body tighten, and then a hoarse male voice came from above her head, "How can I help you?" Yao Guang twisted in his arms and said in a charming voice, "I want you." Give it to me Chapter 2 Furong Account Warm (2) When the last ray of light disappeared on the horizon,cosmetic tube packaging, Xiushui City ushered in the night. Thousands of lights on both sides of the river bank were lit up, and the lights were reflected in the ripples of the lake under the evening breeze, as fine as the stars twinkling in the sky. emptycosmetictubes.com
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