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"Hum" stuffy hum, Yi Chi looked at a blood stain on his hand, immediately smiled at the beast emperor, said: "good unexpectedly can hurt me." When the beast emperor heard this, he felt very uncomfortable, as if the other side was lifting himself up. Yellow mouth children, don't take advantage of the advantage of the tongue, we hand down to see the real chapter, "the beast emperor angrily looked at Yi Chi said.". Yi Chi smiled indifferently, anyway, his loss of beauty, the beast emperor's attack simply can not kill themselves, just can only hurt, but so much of their own blood, let alone a little injury, even if the whole body is seriously injured, can quickly recover, it is simply an unkillable cockroach in general. Since there is nothing to be afraid of each other, Yi Chi will play with him for a while, anyway, the soldiers below are almost finished, when the time comes as long as they go, Yi Chi naturally has a way to solve this beast emperor. Thinking of this, Yi Chi greeted him with a smile,ghana seed extract, and as soon as he came up, thousands of swords erupted directly, shooting directly at the beast emperor with fire-breathing eyes. "Diaochongxiaoji" looked at the thousands of sword gas shot at him, the beast emperor immediately said with disdain. He saw only a few knives in succession, and immediately split the thousands of swords that rushed to him into countless fragments, which fell into the sky. Death "shouted, the beast emperor suddenly rose into the sky, suddenly the air shook,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, Yi Chi saw the sky suddenly dark, looked up, saw a huge lion roaring in the sky, suddenly fiercely swooped down to Yi Chi." The body of the mad lion was hidden in the shadow of the huge lion, and the beast emperor immediately roared. In a flash, the huge lion turned into a lion's head broadsword and cut Yi Chi with a fierce knife. "Back to God Chop" Yi Chi looked at the other side menacingly, immediately used the fourth type of sword skill that has not been used so far, suddenly a huge sword light flashed from behind Yi Chi, instantly shining on the space of thousands of miles around, I saw a wave of space around Yi Chi, instantly rippled a layer of ripples, immediately made the original cut to Yi Chi. It hit the huge sword light directly. 'Boom ~ ' After an explosion that resounded through the sky, the open space between the two men was completely washed away, and the ground had long disappeared, leaving only a deep dark hole. "Haoqiang" looked at Yi Chi with a shocked face, the beast emperor can now be completely sure that the other side is the existence of the same level as himself, he just used his full strength, turmeric extract powder ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, did not expect to be resisted by the other side, and did not look laborious. Thinking of this, the beast emperor immediately frowned, they this level of people fighting, but the aftermath can cover within a radius of thousands of miles, but now they are fighting over their own Lionheart City, so that his Lionheart City is not to be destroyed in a moment? And the most ironic thing is that at this time, it was destroyed by its own hands. Thinking of this, the beast emperor hurriedly shouted: "Come with me if you have the guts." With that, the beast emperor broke through the air directly and rushed into the distance. Yi Chi looked at him with a smile and immediately ordered the crowd below: "When I come back, if you haven't finished killing all the lions, all of you will be dealt with by military law." Finish saying, Yi Chi also does not wait for them to answer, followed the beast emperor directly, disappeared in front of everybody's eyes. Without the existence of the two big killers, the battle situation returned to the original scene, Beamon clan and fox people are killing the lion people heartily, while the lion people are desperately hiding, some lion people even jumped directly into the pit made by the easy pool and the beast emperor, suddenly came a burst of exclamations, they did not expect that the pit would be so deep. Unexpectedly straight to the underground magma, suddenly one by one became a barbecue lion man, like a famous dish in Yi Chi's previous life, braised lion's head. On the other side, after flying tens of thousands of miles, Yi Chi stopped, and the two sides looked at each other at a distance of ten miles. I said, "Beast Emperor, don't you know that when you leave, your lions are finished?" Yi Chi smiled at the opposite beast emperor and said.
Yi Chi did not believe that he did not think of this layer, he dared to call himself to leave, there must be some certainty that he could solve his soldiers after he left. Sure enough, after listening to Yi Chi's words, the beast emperor immediately smiled and said treacherously, "It's too late for you to go back now. The people I left behind may have slaughtered all of you rebels and thieves." "Humph idiot," Yi Chi looked disdainfully at the secretly proud beast emperor, did he think he was a fool? Can't you see such a simple way to divert the tiger away from the mountain? Yi Chi left hundreds of biochemical weapons there, and he didn't believe that the people left behind by the beast emperor would be more powerful than himself. If that were true, they would have joined hands to deal with themselves. Come to think of it, it's just the level of that group of people just now, just a little Dou Zun. Not to mention a few small Dou Zun, even if it is a group, Yi Chi also believes that they will not be the opponent of their own biochemical weapons, you do not see just now they directly killed each other? Thinking of this, Yi Chi smiled faintly and showed a mysterious smile in an instant, which immediately made the beast emperor in the distance feel flustered and did not know where he had made a mistake in his calculation. This Yi Chi was not in a hurry at all. In fact, the big prince did not make it clear, so that the beast emperor thought that the group of Dou Zun was killed by Yi Chi, in fact, not, but by Yi Chi's men, which made him make the wrong decision. Dou Shen Relics Chapter Three Hundred and Twelve War Beast Emperor! Chapter three hundred and twelve war beast emperor! (Second Watch) Standing in the air. Yi Chi looked at the beast emperor with a smile on his face,lutein eye complex, whose face gradually turned livid, and burst out laughing. Give you back what you said just now. It's too late to go back now. My people have already collected the property of your Lionheart City. "Yi Chi laughed and looked at the beast emperor and said." You "The beast emperor thought for a long time and couldn't figure out how to describe Yi Chi, so he said the word" despicable "bitterly." Ha ha ha ~ "Yi Chi looked at the beast emperor with a smile and immediately said jokingly:" Am I mean? I can only say that you are stupid. It is extremely stupid to use such a crude stratagem. prius-biotech.com
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