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Hearing Wang Xue's exclamation, Liu Qingyue, who had not spoken all the time, smiled and said, "Ha ha ha, in contrast, it's much better than my cousin.". My cousin has been out of town all the time, because she went to college in other places, so she worked there. She just changed a company last month. She is more than thirty years old, and she looks like a dog. She just talks and does things, and she is greasy. My monthly salary was less than 10,000 yuan. I said I had to spend 1,500 yuan to keep my cousin. I also asked my cousin if she was a virgin. My cousin said that she had blown up his dog's head directly at that time, and then turned around and left. Hearing this, Wang Xue immediately patted the table and began to laugh, and Dongshu smiled beside her. Knowing that Liu Qingyue was in his own company, his employees who had eyes did not dare to act foolishly with Liu Qingyue. So, Wang Xue turned to ask Gu Linlin: "Hey, is there anything new in our company? Tell me about it." "Do you really want to listen?" Gu Linlin originally did not want to say, but Wang Xue asked, Gu Linlin quietly glanced at Dongshu,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, and then asked. Dong Shu a look, this is related to their own? But there is no cooperation and contact between myself and Enyi. That's Hu Lang. Tell me about it. Dongshu is very interested. After all, he was beaten and angry. Dong Shu did not start again, the rule of law society, we are also civilized people. Hu Lang this kind of eating in the bowl, looking at the pot, but also thinking about the temper in the hands of others, sooner or later overturned. Why should Dongshu do it? It's good to watch the excitement,pumpkin seed extract, and it's not dirty. How interesting it is. As soon as Gu Linlin saw that Dong Shu didn't care, she said with a smile, "That's the one who lives with the woman surnamed Tang and loves each other every day. At the same time, she eats with a small assistant of the director in the company. I have to say that there are a lot of people who eat his face. Because of this, he is probably going to be promoted recently." "Tang Zishan doesn't know?" Hearing what Gu Linlin said, Dongshu asked again. Gu Linlin shook her head: "Tang Zishan failed in her studies. She is going to practice in her senior year. If she doesn't make up the exam in time, I'm afraid she won't be able to get her bachelor's degree. It's estimated that she's very busy recently. Anyway, I think Hu Lang is very indulgent recently." Dongshu has not seen Hu Lang's mobile phone location for a long time. After listening to Gu Linlin said so, Dongshu turned out the positioning of the other side to take a look, the result is not coincidentally. Hu Lang is now positioned as a hotel. Now is the evening, he does not go back to his rental house, what to do in the hotel? "He's still in the rented neighborhood with Tang Zishan?" Dong Shu in order to confirm, Hu Lang recently or in the rental house there, specially asked Gu Linlin. Although Gu Linlin did not understand, she nodded and said, saw palmetto extract ,rosmarinic acid supplement, "Yes, I can often meet him, and I am familiar with him. I am too lazy to talk to him." That being the case, Dongshu was relieved. He sent Hu Lang's location anonymously to Tang Zishan. No matter how busy Tang Zishan is, there is always time to catch adultery. Now is the weekend, Tang Zishan is still busy? After sending, Dongshu will not care about it for the time being. The four of them continued to eat and drink, and by the way, they talked about the interesting things they had met recently. There are still a lot of lively things in the workplace, Gu Linlin and the three of them speak vigorously, and sometimes ask Dongshu about some things at home. There are not many things around Dongshu, but more things when shooting. The little model is dead again, and the leprechaun is making trouble again. These have nothing to do with Dongshu, we are a cooperative relationship, with the small model, the connection is not big, shooting clothes, early has been agreed. Dongshu will leave after shooting, and if there is a follow-up video that needs to be shot, she will also cooperate. How noisy are those little models? Dongshu will take it as a lively scene. Dongshu has now entered the pension mode ahead of time, and the whole person is very Buddha. I think Bai Luo is already a Buddha. Looking at such Dongshu, Liu Qingyue also teased. But Dong Shu is calm to pick up a dish, before eating leisurely said: "Well, fight to defeat Buddha, is also Buddha." Chapter 3137 Hello, General Manager Ba. Goodbye, General Manager Ba. [WWW.], read the wonderful novel for free! After the party, everyone went back to their places. Wang Xue is already preparing to resign. And I kind of want to go back to my hometown.
These are normal, not every student admitted to the field, are willing to stay here for development, there are many, in fact, still want to go home. In the vicinity of home, there is more sense of security, and there are more people nearby, which is more reassuring than in a foreign land. Therefore, it is perfectly normal for Wang Xue to have such an idea. Many of them have actually gone home after graduation. Some of them have mines at home and can enter the company at home. Some have other developments. Like Wang Xue, there are also people who run into a wall here and then go home. You have to try it to know if you fit in with the city. Wang Xue doesn't think so. [Wang Xue: I went home to develop farmhouse entertainment. If I have a chance in the future, I must come to support my business, big bosses!] Wang Xue resigned less than two weeks after returning. Before I resigned, I said hello to everyone in the WeChat group. [Gu Linlin: No problem. When I become the boss, I will go to the farmhouse for staff development training. Hahaha.] Liu Qingyue: Do you need to invest? There is no more, two yuan is still OK. [Wang Xue: Smile] Wen Bailuo: Do you have a preliminary plan? In what direction? What kind of tourists to connect with?] [Wang Xue: Smile 2.] [Gu Linlin: Say something easy.] [Liu Qingyue: Yue.] [Wang Xue: Say.] [Wen Bailuo: I'm listening.] [Gu Linlin: Hu Lang has turned over. He is preparing his resignation recently.] [Gu Linlin: Before, Hu Lang and the assistant went to open a room to fool around. As a result, they were caught by Tang Zishan. I don't know where Tang Zishan got the news. Anyway, he beat the assistant for a week and didn't dare to come to work. The problem is that here is not the end,fenugreek saponins, after Tang Zishan directly caught adultery to the company, and then we know that there are people above the little assistant. [Wang Xue: Oh, is it so exciting?] 。 prius-biotech.com
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