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Xu Manlin, who had heard everything, was stunned for a long time before he said in a daze, "So we two may be sisters?" "Yes." Shen Qing smiled bitterly. "This is really a big joke played by God, and it's still a very cliche joke." You can't let the second brother know! Take her hand gently. Shen Qing looked back and gazed at the man in the hospital bed: "I know, so … …" That's why things are like this. Unable to know the truth, he had to guess and coldly declared that he could let her go. Shen Qing was sad, but he could not find a reason to blame him. Xu Manlin settled down and thought, "you go back to China immediately, now only to find the old man to verify." Shen Qing was silent. What's the matter? You don't want to know the truth? Xu Manlin asked. Of course I do. I have booked a ticket to go back tomorrow. She nodded and frowned. "But I'm afraid." Xu Manlin did not understand her concern, but there was no other way: "We can only do this.". Otherwise, how can you explain to him? It can't be delayed sooner or later. She pouted at the ward. Shen Qing nodded gently. I don't know how Xu Qingyu will react when he leaves under such circumstances? The flight originally booked took off near noon the next day, and Shen Qing went back to get his luggage and left it directly in the hospital. After a night's rest, Xu's face finally recovered, and his usual indifference and coldness were diluted by sleeping. Shen Qing lay on the edge of the bed and slept for a while, then woke up because of some small movements. She closed her eyes and did not move, obviously feeling the cool hand touching her forehead and cheek. She did not dare to open her eyes, for fear that just a slight movement would disturb the sensitive Xu Qingyu. Long fingers, groping bit by bit, crossed her eyebrows and eyes until her lips, with a strong sense of lingering. His movements were very slight, and apparently cautious, for fear of waking her up. This touch is so familiar and sweet, Shen Qing thought greedily, let time stop like this! Or go back to the quiet time more than ten days ago! After a while, there was a gentle knock on the door and Xu Manlin came in. Hearing the sound, Xu's movements were obviously stiff, and then he suddenly stopped and opened his dark eyes with an expressionless face,akba boswellic acid, as if all the lingering just now had never existed. Unable to pretend to sleep again, Shen Qing raised his head and happened to see Xu Qingyu turn his face away lightly, with an indescribable loss in his heart. Sharp-eyed, Xu Manlin immediately realized that he had come in at a bad time. Embarrassed, he coughed and asked softly, "Second brother, how do you feel?" "It's all right." Xu's voice was a little hoarse and stiff. No one knows how much he misses her and the feeling of being separated for half a month. When he woke up in the morning and realized that there was a man lying beside him, he suddenly became worried, fearing that it was not Shen Qing who was staying by his side. He has always looked down on many things, but he is also afraid. Fortunately, however, he touched the familiar hand and face. Xu Manlin pointed to the watch on Shen Qing's wrist. Shen Qing lowered his eyelashes and stood up slowly. Also do not know whether Xu Qingyu also felt, originally side to her face, a little move. You have to tell me. Shen Qing sighed in his heart and said softly, jujube seed powder ,pumpkin seed extract, "I want to take today's plane to return home." "I want to leave the hospital, Manlin," Xu said with a cold look. Almost as if she didn't exist. Xu Manlin obviously disagreed, and before he could open his mouth, he saw Shen Qing bending down. Shen Qing put his hand on his shoulder and said calmly, "Can you take more care of your body?"? If you don't stay in the hospital, I will feel uncomfortable. The face of the man in the hospital bed moved. Shen Qing continued, "I want to tell you that everything is not what you think.". I love you After a pause, he kissed his forehead with warm lips. "Better than anyone." No one knows what they are going to face when they return home this time, but at least now they can say love clearly. More than ten hours later, Shen Qing returned to the Eastern Hemisphere. In the face of the puzzled Xu Zhanfei, she only asked lightly: "Do you remember Lin Shuanghua?" The immediate flash of shock and speculation in the old man's eyes as he stared at her made her heart fall.
Finally, she asked in a low voice, "I.." Whose daughter is it? Xu Zhanfei is not sure! Happy Finger (22) (2) "Some things are hereditary, so I thought you were like her at the beginning, and I wondered if you were my daughter, and I was afraid you couldn't marry her.". It wasn't until you said your mother's name, not the one I thought, that I was secretly relieved. But who knows. He looked at Shen Qing carefully, unable to hide the exploration in his eyes, as if he wanted to see some clues from her eyebrows and eyes. "It was widely rumored that she gave birth to my child, but in fact, before she found out that she was pregnant, we had gradually broken up. Later, when you were born, I asked her, but she refused to tell me whose child you were-I know, she hated me.." Shen Qing silently listened to him talk about the past-also really liked, so he let her high-profile words and deeds, but day after day, he gradually found himself wrong, hurt his family, especially his wife who loved him. At that time, Lin Shuanghua was obviously not satisfied with his identity and status at that time, arrogant and domineering, and even often forced to die. So he was cruel and gradually cooled down. Still later, when Shen Qing was born, Lin Shuanghua reached out to borrow money from him. His tone was threatening, but he refused to tell her true life experience. When Xu Zhanfei signed the check, he was not thinking more about fame and status. This woman knew him at the age of 20. After several years of entanglement, her youth was spent in gossip and criticism. In the end, even her children could be left behind and go far away. He could not bear to see her embarrassed in a foreign land. Finally, he said to Shen Qing, "Can I talk to her on the phone?" Using speakerphone, Xu Zhanfei believed that Shen Qing had the right to hear their conversation. Soon, Lin Shuanghua's voice came from thousands of miles away,stesweet stevia, and it was no longer as crisp and delicate as it had been. Perhaps just in good condition, she remembered him: "Xu Zhanfei, do you finally think of me?" 。 prius-biotech.com
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