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"Yes, I like coffee, too." Yue lowered his head and slowly touched the table with his left hand. He felt a small machine shaped like a water dispenser. He turned to Tong Xibei and said, "It's just that my right hand is not convenient to move today. I can't grind coffee beans for you by hand, nor can I boil them for you by hand. You can make do with it and drink a cup made by the machine.". But even with the same machine, different people can make coffee with completely different flavors. Tong Xibei clapped his hands and said with a smile, "Well, I really want to drink!" "Soon. Would you like to sit down first?" Can I watch? I don't have a coffee machine at home. I always buy the instant one or go to the store to drink it. It's the first time I've seen someone make coffee at home. A Yue shrugs: "OK, is latte OK?" "Yes." "Then wait a minute and it will be ready soon." With that, Ah Yue's hands groped again. He turned on the power of the coffee machine, took off the lid on the top of the machine, and turned around to take out two small glass jars from the refrigerator. There was a brown paper bag in the jar. He could only move with his left hand. He stretched a bottle in front of Tong Xibei: "Help me twist it, thank you." Tong Xibei unscrewed the bottle cap and found dark coffee beans in the paper bag. She went to Ah Yue's side and saw him take out a silver spoon and put it into the jar, scoop up a spoonful of coffee beans, weigh it, scoop it into the coffee machine, and then scoop a few more spoonfuls before he asked Tong Xibei to cap the bottle. Then he scooped some coffee beans from another jar. What kind of coffee beans are these? Tong Xibei asked curiously, seeing that he matched the weight, she did not understand at all. Yue answered her patiently, "It's a blend of 80% Arabica coffee beans and 20% Robusta coffee beans." "Is there anything particular about it?" Yue pulled open the lower left water tank of the coffee machine, took a pot of pure water on the table and poured it into it. He answered, "My Arabica coffee beans are produced in Brazil. Arabica is a variety. It is the'aristocrat 'of coffee beans. The finished coffee made from it is mellow and mellow, and tastes very smooth, while Robusta is a relatively low-grade coffee bean. Although it has a high yield, The price is low,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, but it is enough to ensure the strength and thickness of the coffee. When it is mixed with Arabica, it can make the coffee liquid tense and heavy, leaving a nutty aftertaste in the mouth after drinking. Tong Xibei listened to him vaguely, thinking that there was so much knowledge in a cup of ordinary coffee. Ignoring her silence, Yue took a medium mug, put a sugar cube in it, and groped for it on the cup plate. Turning around, he raised his left hand and snapped his fingers. He smiled at Tong Xibei and said, "Magic time." Tong Xibei saw that when he pressed the switch on the coffee machine, the grinding sound of coffee beans immediately sounded in the machine. After a few seconds, the sound stopped. After a while, there was a "puff" sound in the machine. Then, endless swimming pool ,China spa factory, brown liquid slowly flowed down from the outlet of the coffee machine and poured into the mug. There was a peculiar smell of coffee in the air at once. Ha! That was fun. Tong Xibei thought it was interesting. A Yue took out a can of fresh milk from the refrigerator and gave it to Tong Xibei: "Help cut a small cut." Tong Xibei took the scissors and did so. A Yue took a stainless steel cup and poured some milk into it. He turned a knob on the coffee machine and extended the cup to the steam nozzle so that the nozzle could be inserted into the milk. Tong Xibei looked at Yue slowly rotating the cup, gently touching the outer edge of the cup wall with the back of his finger, as if he was feeling the temperature. He felt that it was almost over. He removed the cup and turned off the knob. Tong Xibei looked up and saw that the milk in the cup had turned into dense milk foam. Yue put the mug of coffee on the table, picked up the cup and kept rotating and shaking, then he reached out to touch the position of the mug, quickly picked up the cup and poured milk foam into it. He could not see, but he was very skillful in doing all this. Tong Xibei was in a daze. At this time, Ah Yue said, "Look carefully.".
” Tong Xibei held his breath and watched intently as a round "white cloud" gradually appeared in the mug, which was the pattern formed when the milk foam was poured on the coffee. A Yue wrist slightly hard, shook the cup, began to pour milk foam into the center of the mug, the middle of the "white cloud" more and more thick, around is gradually dissipated, a Yue wrist a turn, suddenly pull the cup under the thin milk liquid to the middle of the round "white cloud" through, then he hooked up, stopped pouring milk, Tong Xibei's eyes have been staring round. Because a "love heart" magically appeared in the mug. She clapped her hands and admired her in the heart: "How awesome!" Yue picked up the cup and handed it to her. "Drink it. I only put one candy in it. It won't be very sweet." Tong Xibei took the cup, her fingertips accidentally touched his fingers, her heart inexplicably missed a beat, and her face quickly turned red. Yue, of course, did not know. He turned his head sideways and seemed to be waiting for Tong Xibei's reaction. Tong Xibei told herself to calm down in her heart. She closed her eyes and sniffed gently: "It smells good." Looking at the full "love", like a perfect work of art, she was reluctant to drink, carefully put the cup back on the table, took out her mobile phone and began to take pictures. Yue turned his head to listen to the voice and asked, "What are you doing?" "I'm going to film it." Tong Xibei "card wipe card wipe" to take several pictures before stopping, "so cute, a drink is gone, what a pity." Yue smiled and said, "If you like it, I can make something different for you later." "Is there any other way?" "Five stars, leaves, and all kinds of other coffee, I can do it." "Yes, yes!"! Don't I make a lot of money with free coffee? Yue smiled without a word. Tong Xibei took a shallow sip from the cup, and her mouth was immediately filled with the rich aroma of coffee, warm and dense, wonderful fragrance,garden jacuzzi tub, slightly bitter and sweet, so soft that she could not describe it. Whoa! It's delicious, and it's totally different from what you get in Tang Fei's shop. 。 monalisa.com
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