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Under his deep kiss, the majestic queen mother had completely forgotten her identity, groaned wildly, shouted softly, and her slender legs could not support the weight of her body. She knelt softly in front of Feng Sha, hugged his legs, gasped softly, and rubbed her face against his thighs. When Tang Fei stepped into the queen mother's bedroom, there were only two maids guarding in front of the palace gate, listening to the Jiao Yin coming from inside, lowering her head and not daring to talk or move. Since returning to Luoyang, the eunuchs in the palace have been dismissed, the palace maids have been dismissed 89%, the rest are innocent, and Dong Zhuo, ministers in the town governors have no contact with the girl. Although the palace is now short of manpower, but Huang Shang inherited the principle of "rather lack than abuse", and prepared to slowly select innocent girls into the palace as palace ladies. At this time, there were very few palace ladies in the palace, and the gatekeepers were all the most trusted palace maids of He Hou. Those soldiers have been sent to guard outside the palace gate, sun chien is also auxiliary general, army stationed in the camp outside the palace, can't be on duty in the palace gate. Tang Fei blushed slightly and slowly stepped into the bedroom. Feng Sha turned his head and looked at the pink and blushing little beauty. At this time, she was already the officially conferred queen, wearing the solemn dress of the queen, although her pretty face was as pure as ever, in the brilliant Luo shirt, the majesty of the mother's instrument in the world had faintly emerged. He slowly stretched out his hand to Tang Fei and sent her an invitation. The shy beauty's face was full of contradictory expressions, as if struggling with the desire in her heart,Ozone generator ceramic plate, but she still moved over step by step, and finally came to the wooden platform, stretched out her arms, and hugged the sand tightly from behind. Feeling the soft milk behind her and the feverish heartbeat, Feng Sha smiled, backhanded her, dragged her in front of her, lowered his head, and kissed the two trembling cherry lips deeply. Chapter 68 sleepless nights (I). For many, this is bound to be a sleepless night. Yingchuan, in a courtyard. Country sitting at home,Ceramic Bobbin, looking at the hands of a document, the expression on his face is uncertain. He raised his head slowly and looked at the horse opposite. "Does Lord Taifu really want me to be an official?" He said in a deep voice. Ma Wan, who had just experienced a long journey, was drinking water in a big gulp. His face was covered with dust. Hearing the sound, he put down his cup and said, "Yes, I have been ordered by Lord Taifu to come and invite Mr. Guo to become an official in the court.". Sir, if you look at this document, you should know that the court has recruited you as the assistant minister of the Yellow Gate. Please prepare for your departure as soon as possible. Guo Jia said slowly, "Huang Men Shilang, that's such an important position. I'm a nameless scholar. How dare I take on this important task?"! What's more, General Ma came to summon me with the honor of a captain, which really made me feel flattered and uneasy! "There's nothing to worry about," said Ma Wanxin. "If you don't go, I'll tie you up and take you to Luoyang. You'll be even more upset." "Sir," he said with a smile, "your talent is well known. Therefore, I have come to invite you, and I hope you will not let me go home disappointed! Guo Jia said with a smile, "The general's words are too serious. I really don't deserve it.". Just this matter is very big, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,steatite c221, and let me think about a day, and then reply to the general, how? Ma Wan nodded and said, "Yes, sir.". "It's getting late today. May I stay here for one night?" Guo Jia hurriedly said, "What did the general say? Now that I have come to live in the mountains, I will naturally entertain you." He invited the horse to play and his subordinates to eat, kill chickens and sheep, do is very rich. Ma Wan sat at the table, holding two chicken thighs in his hand and eating them fiercely. He said to himself, "Guo Jia is a good host. If he says he won't go tomorrow, what should I do?"? It would be embarrassing to tie up his family and send them to Luoyang as Taifu said. Alas, Taifu is too cruel. It's not enough to tie him up, but also to kidnap his family. I've never heard of Guo Jia, and I've never heard of any talented person named Guo. Taifu is not the wrong person, is he? He did not know, Huang Shang since the Lord of Luoyang, then secretly established an intelligence force, governed by giffin, Wang Zhi, responsible for all over the country to collect local celebrities, brave intelligence, reported one by one.
Of all the people called Guo Jia, only this Guo Fengxiao meets all the known conditions, who else is not him? As far as Huang Shang knows, when today, wisdom and giffin in the middle of the characters, the first is country, so it is so solemn, send a horse to play to do this. Country sat on the opposite side, but the food does not know the taste. By the imperial court, this is a matter of honor, but now the sky below chaos, that Huang Shang is what kind of person, all do not know. Although he is now in power, but if not the Lord, is not a waste of their own efforts? He shook his head, knowing that he would spend the night weighing the general trend of the world, and that it would be difficult for him to sleep again. ※ ※ ※ Cai Yong sat in the carriage, all the way home, sad, crying. Suddenly a gentle voice came from outside the car: "Is that Lord Cai in front of you?" Cai Yong wiped away his tears and lifted the curtain of the chariot. Seeing that it was Feng Ji, a counsellor beside yuan Shao, he quickly handed his hand and said, "So it's Mr. Feng. Where are you going?" Feng Ji said with a smile, "I was going to go back to the mansion with General yuan, but I suddenly remembered that I had not paid back the wine bill I owed to a restaurant. I happened to have money on me, so I had to go to that restaurant.". Since I happened to meet Lord Cai, how about getting drunk together? Cai Yong just now at the banquet, just staring at his daughter sad, which has the mind to drink and eat. Hearing what he said, grief and indignation welled up in my heart. I wished I could get drunk, so I followed him to the restaurant and drank a lot of wine. Feng Ji looked at him coldly, and when he saw that he was almost drunk, he asked him about today. When Cai Yong was half drunk, he forgot Huang Shang's threat and said everything without missing a word. "Poor, deplorable," sighed Feng Ji! Though your love escapes from the tiger's kiss, he enters the wolf's den again! Cai Yong was frightened and asked why. Feng Ji said with a sigh, "I've heard that Huang Shang has learned the evil method. He wants to use a young girl as a furnace and a tripod to practice Peng Zu's art of picking and mending.". Look at his appearance, I thought your love was young, so I want to dedicate to Liu Sha, in order to win his favor. Who knows Liu Sha does not like young woman,ceramic bobbin heater core, he stays by himself, in order to fulfill its lust, and practice sorcery! 。 global-ceramics.com
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