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#1 Posted : Tuesday, August 23, 2022 8:00:06 AM(UTC)

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At the beginning of the new week, Qi Liuliu had to go to work early in the morning. She drove her car, which was a little hundred thousand yuan, and pulled Ye Hengyuan to Xinghua Road. Had it not been for her rush to work, she would have been willing to send Ye Hengyuan to the UL team club. After getting up in the morning, Qi Liuliu skillfully and quickly made up, went downstairs for breakfast, and went to drive. Ye Hengyuan's suitcase was the same one when he returned home, which contained a little change of clothes and common items, and after giving her the fat that only took up space, it made a lot of room. Out of the door on the road, Qi Liuliu did not forget to worry about Ye Hengyuan: "You brought back so few things, the club can not prepare everything for you, what will you do then?" Hearing this, Ye Hengyuan gave a gentle smile and said, "The club is not built in a remote place. Just come out and buy it." Qi Liuliu suddenly realized that he was worried too much. I put you on Xinghua Road. Did you take a taxi or something? There are direct buses and subways, but I'm afraid you just came back and don't know the route. "I got in touch with them and the manager of UL was waiting for me on Xinghua Road." "Oh, oh." It turned out that Ye Hengyuan had planned everything. But at least he is an adult, and he has been more mature and sensible than himself since childhood. How can he not do this little thing well? I really worry too much. But I can't help thinking about these things for him. Qi Liuliu home is not far from Xinghua Road, soon to Xinghua Road, Qi Liuliu in Ye Hengyuan's instructions to find a place to stop the car, that place has a person standing there waiting. It is estimated that Qi Liuliu, the manager of the UL team, saw it when he was watching the game. Ye Hengyuan took his luggage out of the trunk, stood in front of the window, and knocked on the glass window. Qi Liuliu hurriedly understood and adjusted the window down. Has UL arrived to pick you up? Then you go, I'm going to the company. Qi Liuliu came over with his head and took the lead in saying goodbye to Ye Hengyuan. Ye Hengyuan did not say much,Alumina Ceramic C795, but smiled softly, "Be careful on the way and contact you later." Watching Qi Liuliu's car turn around and walk away. Ye Hengyuan just followed on the car of the UL team, to pick up Ye Hengyuan is the manager of the UL team, not as tall as Ye Hengyuan, but the whole person looks very energetic. He helped Ye Hengyuan put his suitcase away and sat in the driver's seat, saying, "My name is Ma Haitian. Just call me Brother Ma. That's what they all call me.". Haha, is it too superfluous for me to introduce myself? It's not the first time we've met. "It's superfluous. When was the last time we saw each other, when we just won the championship?" Ma Haitian pretended to have a heartache expression. "Don't stimulate me, but now you're here, and there's hope for the champion of this year's finals." Ma Haitian is a talkative person, and the atmosphere suddenly became lively. I talked a lot with Ye Hengyuan, from the situation of the team to the state of Ye Hengyuan, Kamado bbq grill ,10g Ozone Generator, and so on. Speaking of how Ye Hengyuan got to Xinghua Road just now, Ma Haitian couldn't help gossiping, "It was a girl who just sent you here. Was it the one you brought with Jiang Chengan when he was driving black yesterday?" Have to say, Ma Haitian this gossip cell is quite accurate, guess a right. Uh Ye Hengyuan also did not refute, the lips are lightly curved. Just gently answered, as if to cut the ripples of the lake, gently shallow. That sister is quite cute. "After crossing the intersection, Ma Haitian turned to concentrate on driving, and finally remembered to add a sentence," I feel quite familiar in a hurry. " Look familiar? I guess Ye has seen the live broadcast of Mu Mao. Sent Ye Hengyuan, Qi Liuliu drove to the company. Home is quite far from the company, but fortunately, the time to go out is relatively early, and I am not late for the company. She went to college here. Originally, her parents planned to let her go back to work in her hometown. They thought that girls should be closer to home. But Qi Liuliu insisted on staying here on the grounds that she had found an internship in the university when she was a senior. After graduation, people also agreed that she had become a full member, and her salary was good.
Although it is a branch of the company, but the working environment is also good, people are very kind, but have not suffered any anger. At first, the parents were not very willing. But the parents have the ability to be all over the world, and they learned that an old classmate's son was also working in this company, and he was also very reliable, so they agreed. Every time he wanted to go out for dinner and fun, Qi's father was not at ease. He had to know that his old classmate's son was also there. Finally, he said in his WeChat: "Don't get separated from the trabeculae. It's not safe at night." Her parents were well-intentioned, and she knew and understood their concern for her. I'm just a little tired of being a good boy for 20 years. From childhood to adulthood, it seems that everything is under the guidance of parents, what style of clothes to wear, can not be too fancy, skirts can not be too short, to be a lady, to be clever. How many grades must be tested before. If you want to go out to play, you must get permission. You have to get home within half an hour after school, and you can't stay outside for a few laps like children of the same age. I still remember when I was in primary school, my parents went out and left her alone in the house to study, but I heard a group of children laughing crazily in the yard outside the door. Although his eyes were still on every word of the book, his heart had already gone outside with the wind and snow outside the window. Suddenly she heard a "bang" on the glass window, and she looked up subconsciously, almost expectantly, hoping that the "bang" would break the door of the castle and let her go out into the world. She went to the window and opened it, and the wind outside the window poured in. A group of children stood in the snow outside the window. The man in the middle of the child was straight, with a pair of black eyes under his neat short hair,ceramic bobbin element, which was very soft and clear in the vast snow. He also looked at Qi Liuliu, smiling slightly on his gentle face, and his voice was soft and gentle. "This is the first snow of the year. Come out with us." 。 global-ceramics.com
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