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#1 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 12:36:34 AM(UTC)
Margaret M. Culbreth

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Under such a series of seesaw battles, the disaster has gradually escalated. Finally reached a level of terror. Even the magic mansion was hard to bear, and finally the whole magic mansion collapsed under a blow. Chapter 531 mutation! As a matter of fact, had it not been for Jun Moye to defuse this plunder on behalf of Miao Qingcheng, the next one to bear this terrible thunder plunder would have become Xuanxuan Big 6. As long as Miao Qingcheng does not die, the thunder plunder will not end, and Xuanxuan Big 6 is bound to follow in the footsteps of Huan Fu! In the year of the collapse of Huan Fu, the inheritance was cut off, and Miao Qingcheng wanted to say it with grief and indignation. But the war maniac is not good, his life's wish is to preserve the war family, let the war family in the magic house, become the first family of the magic house, this time grasp full jump out, but directly buried all the descendants! But also because of him, indirectly destroyed the whole house! The frustration in the heart of the war maniac at the moment is also indescribable. Both Master Qian and his disciples were red-eyed. Originally ten thousand years ago, the master and disciples, at this moment, have become the great enemies who never die! Miao Qingcheng's skill is far better than war maniac's, and he doesn't care about his attrition tactics at all. But war maniac has nothing to fear because he is immortal. Yes, I'm not strong enough for you to fight, but no matter how you fight, you can't kill me. I can't kill you in one day, three days,interactive kiosk price, or three years? Neither of these two people is willing to retreat and escape any more, so they want to end this difficult grudge here! Jun Moye this kung fu also finally understand the beginning and end of the matter, but since the heart of an indescribable anger, think of when he used Cao Guofeng and others into the magic mansion, those people are from beginning to end to their own care, really as a younger generation of children and nephews general care, almost can be said to be meticulous even at the expense of their own lives, but also to preserve their own security.. Jun Moye often thought of these,thermal imaging camera, some internal shame, this time to the magic mansion, will say everything frankly, and then lead Cao Guofeng and other seven emperors back to the evil mansion to take care of themselves. But I never thought that their lives were uncertain in this big explosion! It is said that life and death is uncertain, in fact, is the best way to say, such a big explosion, the master of the level of the holy king can not be spared, with the strength of Cao Guofeng and others, how can it be spared? The twenty people who were brought out by Miao Qingcheng from Huan Fu, not only no one listened to the order to withdraw, but one by one with grief and indignation on their faces, Dengping crossed the water and flew over to this side! Their homes have been destroyed, and all their relatives have died. They are the only ones left. Even if they are alive, what is the point? Life, has not the slightest pursuit, information kiosk price ,digital whiteboard price, if they can perish with the immediate disaster, is their only wish now! As soon as Jun Moye's eyes were swept, he felt cold all over. "Are there only a few people left in this big house?" Miao Qingcheng sighed a long sigh, his face showing a gloomy color.
Jun Moye's heart is like falling into an ice cave! The people he wants to see, or the people he cares about, there seems to be only one Miao Jingyun among them! Not to mention Cao Guofeng and other seven people, even Miaomiao's parents and other close relatives are not among them! This information, not to mention Miaomiao, even for Jun Moye himself is a great impact! Jun Moye will never consider himself a good man, he will only care about his recognized relatives and friends, but today the magic house collapsed, Jun Moye care about almost all the people are not among these survivors! Suddenly raised his head, looking at the war maniac, Jun Moye word by word, enunciate like a knife: "war maniac!"! You dirty bastard who should kill a thousand knives! Crazy son of a bitch! There are tens of millions of living beings in the Huan Mansion, and all of them are buried in your one thought? How can you, a beast, still have a face between heaven and earth? Bah, can you blame the old man? It was Miao Qingcheng who didn't understand the current affairs and fought against me. The main culprit of the collapse of Huan Fu was the thunder robbery triggered by Miao Qingcheng. How can I be an exception to the catastrophe of Huan Fu? Do you think I'm not sad?! The war maniac roared wildly. How many eggs are you, Zhan Jia! Jun Moye was so furious that he began to scold crazily. However, thanks to his sobriety, the Hongjun Tower was closed immediately after this situation. Now inside Miaomiao and others, still do not know what the outside world actually gave birth to a major event! If Miaomiao knew that all his people had disappeared in the moment just now, with Miaomiao's character, I'm afraid it would collapse immediately, even if Jun Moye was on one side to comfort him, it might not be very useful. From a princess like the stars holding the moon suddenly became an orphan without father, mother and relatives, such a gap, directly is far away! Several roars rang out, and the remaining twenty-eight masters, including three sages, and twenty-five sages of different ranks, roared at the same time, frantically rushing toward the war, even ignoring Miao Qingcheng's shouts. Their hearts have been annihilated with the explosion! But their souls are still burning! They have nothing to ask for but death, but to do their best! Jun Moye was about to rush over, but was pulled by Miao Qingcheng. Jun Moye looked at Miao Qingcheng questioningly. Miao Qingcheng shook his head sadly and said, "They.." Their hearts have been extinguished, there is no survival and breath, only endless dead gas! These people, living has no meaning, they are afraid we stop, in the moment of rushing over, they have cut off their own life step by step, just to fight for their lives, pull the beast to the afterlife.. Jun Moye all over a shock, the whole person froze in place! "The matter has come to this point, let them go, so that they can return their last wish." Miao Qingcheng looked up to the sky and sighed, and the old tears rolled down: "Or dying like this is what they really want most at the moment.." Although he could not kill the enemy,digital signage kiosk, he wielded all his strength after all! Jun Moye was stupefied, watching the figures collapse into debris under the hands of the war maniac, only to feel that his heart was filled with a sense of powerlessness. hsdtouch.com
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